Student Writers Recognized for Excellence in the 2016 EMFL Writing Contests

The Robert G. Cowser Poetry Award:

  • Winner: Christopher W. Mayo
  • Honorable Mention: Hidaja Trautman

Jenna S. Wright Literary Short Story Award:

  • Winner: Lauren P. Maddox

John E. McClusky Scholarly Essay:

  • Winner: Tamara L. Beard

The Margrethe Ahlschwede Personal Essay:

  • Winner: Lauren P. Maddox
  • Honorable Mention: Janet L. Adair

Technical Writing & Business Communication:

  • Winner: Evan T. Brown
  • Honorable Mention: Alexander N. Bapties

Foreign Language Scholarly Essay:

  • Winner: Selena Chavez
  • Honorable Mention: Patricia A. Ramos

Muriel Tomlinson:

  • Winner: Daryl O. Hawkins

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