SGA Student Scholarship Information

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SGA Student Scholarship Information

Amount of Award

Awards are typically made in the following amounts:

  • For domestic travel-study programs: 20% of program cost, up to a maximum of $250
  • For International Travel-Study Programs: $500
  • For Study-Abroad Programs 3 weeks and longer: $600


**Only one award per year per student**



Any full-time undergraduate, graduate, or TIEP student who enrolls in a travel-study or study-abroad program approved by the Travel-Study Scholarship Committee can apply. Normally, these will be programs sponsored by UTM, but students may request support for the travel-study/study-abroad programs they have developed on their own. Awards will be made primarily to students undertaking substantial travel-study projects, which will generally fall into the following categories: travel-study programs (at least one week in duration), language immersion programs (at least three weeks in duration), study-abroad programs lasting one semester or an entire academic year. The Travel-Study Scholarship Committee will consider the following criteria when making awards:

  • The cost of the applicant's travel-study program
  • The duration of the program
  • The academic content of the program
  • The program itinerary (preferably out-of-state and international travel)
  • The academic content of the program
  • The financial need of the applicant
  • The availability of other funds to support the chosen program


Complete the application form and submit the original to the Center for International Education, 124 Gooch Hall, by the appropriate deadline

Important Notes

  • Students are encouraged to make their travel-study plans early in the academic year and to apply for support by the most appropriate deadline. These funds, generated by the SGA Travel-Study Fee, are limited and may be significantly depleted by the Spring semester.
  • Before a student may receive a scholarship he/she must pay all outstanding university fees.
  • Students must conform to the rules for submitting scholarship applications listed on the reverse side.
  • Students should make a point of seeking additional scholarship assistance from other sources to supplement this award. Additional funds may be available from the Colleges and Departments within which they are majoring. See trip leader for additional scholarship information.
  • Please understand that if you receive financial aid from this scholarship you may be asked by the SGA to present at an upcoming event. This would include a presentation about your travels to help enlighten other students about the benefits of traveling while in college. Failure to comply may constitute in your award being charged back to your Banner account
  • Also understand that we encourage you to apply as soon as possible. If you apply later you may be awarded only partial or none of the scholarship amounts due to the high interest in students traveling.
  • Travel study scholarship awards funded by SGA will be applied directly to the total cost of the selected travel study experience.

    Please contact the Center for International Education, (731) 881-1023, for more information.


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