Travel Studies from Prior Years

UTM Study-Abroad Programs for 2016

Date Destination Focus
June 2016 University of Castila-La Mancha Spanish Language & Culture
July-August 2016 University of Orleans French Language & Culture
July-August 2016 Hirosaki University Japanese Language & Culture
July-August 2016 Hiroshima Jogakuin University Japanese Language & Culture
July-August 2016 Technical U. Braunschweig German Language & Culture

2015-2016 Travel Study Programs

Date Destination Faculty Group Leader
December 2015 Guatemala Joey/ Sandy Mehlhorn
December 2015 New York Sue Byrd
December 2015 Washington DC Phillip Smartt
March 2016 Texas/Oklahoma Emily Buttery
May 2016 Iceland Stan Dunagan/Christopher Karmosky
May 2016 Japan Kyoko Hammond
May 2016 France/Belgium/England/Ireland Ricky Garlitz/Jeff Longacre
May 2016 Southwest Tour Lionel Crews
May 2016 Washington, DC Anderson Starling
May 2016 New Zealand Mark Simmons
May 2016 Ecuador Sue Byrd/Craig Darroch

2014-2015 Travel Study Programs

Date Destination Faculty Group Leader
August 2014 Ecuador Sue Byrd/ Craig Darroch/ Dawn Wilkins
October 2014 Seattle Stan Dunagan/Eleanor Gardner/Benjamin Hooks
November 2014 Tennessee New Pacers tour Mark Simmons
December 2014 Guatemala Sandy and Joey Melhorn
February/March 2015 Italy Lionel Crews / Roberto Mancusi
February/March 2015 California Jeff Longacre / David Carithers
February/March 2015 Paris / Normandy Lucia Florido
February/March 2015 Belize Michael Gibson
March 2015 London / Paris Jeff Hoyer / Susan Buckelew / Sarah Haig
May 2015 Washington D.C. Malcolm / Sandra Koch
Decemeber 14th-24th Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman Mahmoud Haddad
May 2015 Czech Republic Jonathan Vest / John Oelrich
May/June 2015 Japan Kyoko Hammond
May 2015 Germany 10-Day Chuck Hammond
July 2015 Prague Joey Melhorn

2012-2013 Travel Study Programs

Date Destination Faculty Group Leader
March 2013 D. C. - Holocaust Catherine Carls
March 2013 London/Paris Hoyer/Sieber/Buckalew
March 2013 San Juan, Puerto Rico Stan Dunagan/Michael Gibson
April 2013 Atlanta, GA Sue Byrd
May 2013 Germany Kate Stumpo/Karoline Pershell
May 2013 North East Lionel Crews/Charles Bradshaw
May 2013 Washington, DC. Malcolm Koch
May 2013 Ireland Nathan Howard/Jeff Longacre
May 2013 Amazon Brad Ray
June 2013 New Zealand Mark Simmons

2011-2012 Travel Study Programs

Date Destination Faculty Group Leader
July 2011 Alpines-Switzerland/Austria/Germany Stan Sieber
August 2011 Oregon/California Scott Pun
October 2011 New Orleans Sue Byrd/Glen Byrd/David McBeth
October 2011 Washington, DC Phillip Smartt
December 2011 Germany Phil Yound/Stan Sieber
December 2011 Morocco/Spain Mahmoud Haddad
January 2012 Music Ensemble East Coast Mark Simmons
January 2012 Belize Michael Gibson/Lionel Crews/Jeff Rogers
March 2012 New York Sara McCormick
May 2012 Chesapeake Bay Area Lionel Crews/Michael Gibson
May 2012 South Korea J.C. Kim
May 2012 Dallas Sue Byrd
May 2012 Washington, D.C. Darrell Simmons
May 2012 Carlsbad, CA Hook/Null
May 2012 Germany Chuck Hammond
May 2012 Japan Kyoko Hammond
May 2012 Holocaust Catherine Carls
May 2012 Taiwan Daisy Wang, Yi Gu
May/June 2012 Thailand/Japan Amy Simmons
June 2012 Japan Kyoko Hammond
June 2012 South Korea J.C. Kim
June 2012 Spain Daniel Nappo


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