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Dr. Elizabeth Aleksander

About the Instructor

Dr. Aleksander

Dr. Elizabeth Aleksander is Assistant Professor of Music at the University of Tennessee at Martin, where she teaches clarinet and music theory. She is a passionate teacher who strives to provide valuable learning experiences for her students. Since arriving at UTM in 2013, Dr. Aleksander has brought in visiting artists Corey Mackey, Bret Pimentel, and Christopher Nichols. She has also started a clarinet choir and established a clarinet studio recital to provide additional performance opportunities for her students. In addition to her work at UTM, she has taught clarinetists in Brazil, Mexico, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Nebraska, and Arizona.


Dr. Aleksander performs in the LCD Faculty Woodwind Trio and with the Paducah Symphony Orchestra and Jackson Symphony Orchestra. She has performed a concerto with the Omaha Symphonic Winds and the Ohio University Clarinet Choir, and she’s played in the Dubuque Symphony Orchestra and Omaha Symphonic Winds. She has performed or presented at a number of professional conferences, including for the International Clarinet Association, College Music Society, and Society of Composers, and she has been published in the ICA’s national journal, The Clarinet.


Philanthropy is also important to Dr. Aleksander, who recently began UTM’s Community Music Academy and who is in charge of planning outreach trips for the LCD Faculty Woodwind Trio. She is also active in Sigma Alpha Iota international music fraternity, most recently having served as Membership Trainer for the Bethel University colony and as Province Officer for Xi A Province. In addition, during her time in Nebraska, Dr. Aleksander began the annual outreach project Music at the Museum, which allows children to try different instruments and experience live classical music.


Prior to working at UTM, Dr. Aleksander taught at Midland University, Cornerstone Academy of Clarinet, and Southeast Community College in Nebraska. She holds a D.M.A. from the University of Nebraska, a M.Mus. with distinction from Northern Arizona University, and a B.Mus. summa cum laude from Ohio University. Her teachers include Diane Barger, Michael Sullivan, Rebecca Rischin, and Kevin Schempf.

Dr. Aleksander

College is a time for students to become not only the best clarinetists and all-around musicians possible, but also to develop into cultured members of society. To promote this growth, I strive to create a comfortable, encouraging environment in which my students can openly share their opinions, both with myself and other students; after all, sometimes students learn as much from each other as from their professors. I want my students to be able to approach me for advice, be it personal or professional. To forge this one-on-one connection, I make sure that I am myself around students, that I have a sense of humor, and that I admit when I make a mistake; this creates an atmosphere where it’s okay to mess up (although it will get fixed!). This establishes me as a role model and lifelong mentor for my students, and I look forward to seeing them continue to evolve and impact music throughout their adult lives.

When teaching lessons, I am as flexible as I can be while still maintaining a clear structure and set of expectations. Since everyone learns differently, I need that flexibility in order to meet each student where (s)he is and work on problem areas. However, at the same time, I need to set firm expectations in order to hold students accountable and to motivate them—and sometimes to show them just how much they can accomplish. My goal in lessons is to enable my students to make music on their own—essentially, to produce students who no longer need me. This necessitates a large “teaching repertoire;” I typically begin by getting students to listen to themselves critically (but realistically, without being overly critical). I also work with students to develop their “inner teacher” by asking them directed questions after they play; to set goals, both long-term and short-term, and work to reach them; and to refine their practice habits, often by having a “practicing lesson” wherein a student goes about practicing as if I’m not there.

Dr. Aleksander

In my classroom teaching, I abide by many of the same ideals: I want to create a fun, relaxed atmosphere where my students are able to come to me with anything. To do this, I have found that allowing my personality and sense of humor to show is even more important than it is in a studio setting. I’m also mindful of different learning styles, and I try to explain a concept in multiple ways to accommodate as many students as possible; in particular, I’ve found that providing visual aids, such as timelines and comparison charts, is crucial in courses like Introduction to Music. In these courses that are geared toward non-music majors, my mission is to inspire a lifelong interest in music, thus growing our audience and passing the love of music on to future generations. To do this, I focus on instilling critical listening skills, teaching important trends instead of memorizing names and dates, and relating our discussion to society in both the past and the present. I also utilize this opportunity to teach valuable career skills, such as researching, writing, and presenting, and I attempt to push my students out of their comfort zones by requiring them to attend at least one classical concert or recital.

Regardless of whether I’m teaching in the classroom or in the clarinet studio, I have worked to develop my substantial teaching repertoire by pursuing my interests in both music history and music theory. My background in these areas has provided additional pedagogical approaches for a variety of situations, from teaching phrasing in a clarinet lesson, to making chant relevant to my Introduction to Music class, to bonding with my History of Rock class over a love for the Rolling Stones. I form a connection with each of my students by relating to them on a personal level, and I make sure that they also connect with the subject matter by linking it to their outside interests and future career. However, perhaps the most powerful tool in my teaching repertoire is my passion. I am always excited about what I teach, and I strive to pass that excitement on to my students. My enthusiasm is what motivates them: they want to do well not because they’re afraid of getting scolded if they don’t, but because they don’t want to let me down.



2008:    Doctorate of Musical Arts in Clarinet Performance

                Related Area of Study: Music Theory

                University of Nebraska (Lincoln, Nebraska)

                GPA: 3.95

2005:    Master of Music in Clarinet Performance

                Northern Arizona University (Flagstaff, Arizona)

                GPA: 4.0

2003:    Bachelor of Music in Clarinet Performance, Summa cum laude

                Ohio University (Athens, Ohio)

                GPA: 3.92


2005-2008:    Dr. Diane Barger, University of Nebraska (Lincoln, Nebraska)

2003-2005:    Dr. Michael Sullivan, Northern Arizona University (Flagstaff, Arizona)

1999-2003:    Dr. Rebecca Rischin, Ohio University (Athens, Ohio)

1998-1999:    Kevin Schempf, Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, Ohio)


2007:    Daniel Silver, University of Colorado (Boulder, Colorado)

2006:    Frank Kowalsky, Florida State University (Tallahassee, Florida)

2004:    Elsa Ludewig-Verdehr, Michigan State University (East Lansing, Michigan)

2003:    Alexander Laing, Principal Clarinet: Phoenix Symphony Orchestra (Phoenix, Arizona)

            Robert Spring, Arizona State University (Tempe, Arizona)

            Karen Benda, Freelance Clarinetist (Ohio)

2002:    Ethan Sloane, Boston University (Boston, Massachusetts)

            Daniel Gilbert, Cleveland Symphony Orchestra (Cleveland, Ohio)

2001:    Robert Jones, Columbus Symphony (Columbus, Ohio)

            Stanley Hasty, Eastman School of Music (Rochester, New York), retired

2000:    Robert Spring, Arizona State University (Tempe, Arizona)

            Jonathan Cohler, Longy School of Music (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Teaching Experience


2013-present:   University of Tennessee at Martin (Martin, Tennessee)

                            Assistant Professor of Music

2004-present:   Private Studio (Lincoln, Nebraska and Flagstaff, Arizona)

2008-2013:       Cornerstone Academy of Clarinet (Lincoln, Nebraska)

2007:                 Lincoln Southeast High School (Lincoln, Nebraska)

2006-2009:       Midland University (Fremont, Nebraska)

                            Instructor of Clarinet

2003-2005:        Northern Arizona University (Flagstaff, Arizona)

                            Graduate Assistant

2003-2005:        Northern Arizona University Preparatory School (Flagstaff, Arizona)

2004-2005:        Northern Arizona University Summer Music Camp (Flagstaff, Arizona)

2004-2005:        Coconino High School (Flagstaff, Arizona)

2002-2003:        Athens Community Music School (Athens, Ohio)


2008:    Eastwood High School (Pemberville, Ohio)

            Eastwood Middle School (Pemberville, Ohio)

            Universidad de Michoacan (Morelia, Mexico)

            University of Nebraska (Lincoln, Nebraska)

2007:    Eastwood High School (Pemberville, Ohio)

            Lincoln Southeast High School (Lincoln, Nebraska)

2006:    University of Nebraska (Lincoln, Nebraska)

2005:    Coconino High School (Flagstaff, Arizona)

            Northern Arizona University Summer Music Camp (Flagstaff, Arizona)

2004:    Northern Arizona University Summer Music Camp (Flagstaff, Arizona)


2007-2008:    Eastwood High School (Pemberville, Ohio)

                            Presented chamber music master classes

2008:             Universidad de Michoacan (Morelia, Mexico)

                            Presented chamber music master classes

2006:             University of Nebraska (Lincoln, Nebraska)

                            Coached a clarinet trio for Midwest ClariFest Performance

                            Coached a clarinet quartet for Winter Winds Festival

                      Midland University (Fremont, Nebraska)

                            Formed and coached a clarinet choir


2013-present:    University of Tennessee at Martin (Martin, Tennessee)

                            Assistant Professor of Music

                                MUS 111: Masterpieces of Music

                                MUS 112: Music in Our Time

2009-2013:       Southeast Community College (Lincoln, Nebraska)

                            Instructor of Music

                                MUSC 1010: Introduction to Music

                                MUSC 2750: Introduction to American Music

                                MUSC 2870: History of Rock Music

2007-2008:        Midland University (Fremont, Nebraska)

                            Instructor of Music

                                MUS 301: Literature and Style I (directed study)

                                MUS 302: Literature and Style II (directed study)

2006-2008:        Private Music Theory Tutor (Lincoln, Nebraska)

2004-2005:        Northern Arizona University Summer Music Camp (Flagstaff, Arizona)

                            Music History Instructor

Professional Associations


2013-present: Paducah Symphony Orchestra (substitute clarinet)

1999-present: International Clarinet Association

2000-present: Sigma Alpha Iota international music fraternity

2003-present: Pi Kappa Lambda music honor fraternity

2007-present: College Music Society

2010-2013: Omaha Symphonic Winds



2012-2013: Province Officer (Sigma Alpha Iota, Xi A Province)

2010-2012: President (Sigma Alpha Iota, Lincoln Alumnae and Patroness Chapter)
                     Webmaster (Sigma Alpha Iota, Lincoln Alumnae and Patroness Chapter)
                     Newsletter Editor (Sigma Alpha Iota, Lincoln Alumnae and Patroness Chapter)

2009-2010: Vice President of Ritual (Sigma Alpha Iota, Lincoln Alumnae and Patroness Chapter)



2013: Midwest ClariFest (Lincoln, Nebraska)

2012: International Clarinet Association ClarinetFest (Lincoln, Nebraska)

2011: College Music Society, Great Plains Regional Conference (Omaha, Nebraska) Performer

2006-2010: Midwest ClariFest (Lincoln, Nebraska)

2010: International Clarinet Association ClarinetFest (Austin, Texas) Presenter (Research Competition Finalist)

2007-2009: University of Oklahoma Clarinet Symposium (Norman, Oklahoma)

2008: International Clarinet Association ClarinetFest (Kansas City, Missouri)

2006: Sigma Alpha Iota National Convention (Orlando, Florida) Kappa Chapter Delegate

2002-2003: Clarinet Gala (Athens, Ohio)



2014: Concerto Soloist with Omaha Symphonic Winds
           Concerto Soloist for UTM Honor Band Festival

2012: Head Writer (International Clarinet Association ClarinetFest 2012)
           National Alumnae Leadership Award Finalist (Sigma Alpha Iota)
           Region III Alumnae Leadership Award (Sigma Alpha Iota)
           Diamond Sword of Honor (Sigma Alpha Iota)
           Rehearsal Soloist (Houston Dunleavy’s A Kiss before the World’s End with Omaha Symphonic Winds)

2011: Performer (College Music Society, Great Plains Regional Conference)

2010: Presenter (International Clarinet Association ClarinetFest 2010)
           Research Competition Finalist (International Clarinet Association)
           Outstanding Alumnae Award (Sigma Alpha Iota, Lincoln Alumnae-Patroness Chapter)

2005-2008: Graduate Fellowship (University of Nebraska)

2008: Featured Music Faculty Member (Midland University)
           Collegiate Honor Award (Sigma Alpha Iota)



2010: Professional Education/Development Grant from Sigma Alpha Iota Presented at ICA ClarinetFest (Austin, Texas)

2008: Travel Grant from the University of Nebraska (Lincoln, Nebraska)
                       Presented two concerts and two master classes at Universidad de Michoacan (Morelia, Mexico)
           Travel Grant from the University of Nebraska (Lincoln, Nebraska)
                      Performed at the Society of Composers, Inc. Region VI Conference (Huntsville, Texas)

2006: Travel Grant from the University of Nebraska (Lincoln, Nebraska)
                      Performed in the CBDNA Regional Intercollegiate Honor Band (Evansville, Illinois)

2005: Travel Grant from Northern Arizona University (Flagstaff, Arizona)
                      Performed with NAU Clarinet Quartet at the University of New Mexico (Albuquerque, New Mexico)



2014: Weber Concertino with Omaha Symphonic Winds (May 4)
            Weber Concertino at UTM Honors Band Festival (January 24)

2013: Faculty Musicale (October 7) & UTM Recital (June 12)
            Midwest ClariFest Potpourri Recital (April 10)

2011: Recital (November 7)
            Sigma Alpha Iota Lincoln Alumnae-Patroness Chapter Musicale (May 10)

2010: Midwest ClariFest Potpourri Recital (October 4)
          Sigma Alpha Iota Lincoln Alumnae-Patroness Chapter Musicale (May 11)
          Midwest ClariFest Finale Recital (April 16)

2009: Midland University Faculty Recital (April 15)
          Recital (April 11)
          Midwest ClariFest Potpourri Recital (March 27)

2008: Lecture Recital (March 9)

2007: Recital (November 8)

2006: Recital (October 12)
          Recital (February 16)

2004: Recital (November 15)
          Northern Arizona University Summer Music Camp Faculty Recital (June 29)
          Northern Arizona University Summer Music Camp Faculty Recital (June 22)
          Recital (April 4)



2014: UTM Chamber Players Concert (April 5)
          Clarinet Duo Concert at UTM (March 21)
          Clarinet Duo Concert at University of Wisconsin-Platteville (March 6)

2013: UTM Chamber Players Concert (October 20)

2011: Sigma Alpha Iota Lincoln Alumnae-Patroness Chapter April Program (April 12)
          College Music Society, Great Plains Regional Conference (March 19-20)

2010: Sigma Alpha Iota Lincoln Alumnae-Patroness Chapter Musicale (May 11)

2008: Campo Aperto “New Works” Concert (May 23)
          Campo Aperto “Standards” Concert (May 22)
          Campo Aperto “Bon Voyage” Concert (May 7)
          Society of Composers, Inc. Region VI Conference (April 19)
          Midwest ClariFest Potpourri Recital (March 28)

2007: Midwest ClariFest Potpourri Recital (March 30)
          Midwest ClariFest Host Recital (March 30)

2006: Midwest ClariFest Potpourri Recital (February 6)

2005: Sigma Alpha Iota Province Day Musicale (September 24)
          Northern Arizona University Summer Music Camp Faculty Recital (July 1)
          Northern Arizona University Summer Music Camp Faculty Recital (June 21)
          University of New Mexico Visiting Artist Recital (March 25)



2012: Houston Dunleavy, A Kiss before the World’s End for viola and wind ensemble (October 21)

2008: Cristopher Ramos Flores, Mascarita Transvolcánica for double wind quintet (May 23)
          Leonardo Lebas, Liliana Llorando for wind octet (May 23)
          Kurt Knecht, Ten Plagues for wind octet (April 14)

2007: Jen-Kuang Chang, Bodhisattva for winds, strings, and piano (December 6)

2003: George Sweet, Evening Descends on a Low Place for winds, percussion, and bass (December 3)

2001: Michael Lachman, Green Eggs and Ham for clarinet and piano (April 1)



2012: ICA ClarinetFest Review (Head Writer)
                    In December 2010 The Clarinet (published by the International Clarinet Association)

2010: ICA ClarinetFest Review (with Denise Gainey and Jessica Vansteenburg)
                    In December 2010 The Clarinet (published by the International Clarinet Association)

2008: Gustav Jenner’s Clarinet Sonata in G Major, opus 5:
          An Analysis and Performance Guide with Stylistic Comparison to the Clarinet Sonatas, opus 120 of His Teacher, Johannes Brahms
                    D.M.A. Document
          Aaron Copland, Benny Goodman, and an American Masterpiece
                    In Winter 2008 ClariNEwsletter (in affiliation with the International Clarinet Association)

2007: University of Oklahoma Clarinet Symposium Recap (with Jessica Vansteenburg)
                    In Fall 2007 ClariNEwsletter (in affiliation with the International Clarinet Association)



2010: Gustav Jenner’s Sonata in G Major, op. 5: Connections and Divergences with Johannes Brahms’ Sonatas, op. 120
                    International Clarinet Association Convention (ClarinetFest 2010)
          Gustav Jenner’s Sonata in G Major, op. 5: Connections and Divergences with Johannes Brahms’ Sonatas, op. 120
                    Lincoln Alumnae-Patroness Chapter

2008: The Clarinet Music of Gustav Jenner
                    D.M.A. Lecture Recital




2012-2013: Province Officer

2000-2012: Executive Board

2010-2012: President
                    Newsletter Editor
                    Yearbook Committee

2011-2012: Philanthropy Chair
                    Notification Chair

2009-2011: Undergraduate Scholarship Committee (national)

2009-2010: Vice President of Ritual

2011-2012: Philanthropy Chair
                    Fraternity Education Chair
                    Scholarship Committee

2009: Honors Committee
                    Province Day Co-Chair

2000-2008: Executive Board



2013: Program & Ticket Chair



2012: Head Writer for ClarinetFest 2012 review

2010: Writer for ClarinetFest 2010 review

2008: Conference Volunteer for ClarinetFest 2008


MIDLAND UNIVERSITY (Fremont, Nebraska)

2006-2010: Performed for the college as needed

2009: Performed a faculty recital

2006: Formed a clarinet choir
          Ran clarinet sectionals as needed



2009-present: Judged first round of Midwest ClariFest High School Solo Competition,/

2007-2008: Judged clarinet ensemble auditions

2008: Ran clarinet departmentals as needed

2007: Served as guest teacher for clarinet methods

2006: Ran clarinet departmentals as needed
          Coached chamber ensemble for Midwest ClariFest Performance
          Coached chamber ensemble for Winter Winds Festival



2008: Presented clarinet and chamber music master classes



2007-2008: Presented clarinet and chamber music master classes



2007: Taught clarinet master classes
          Ran clarinet sectionals as needed


PINEWOOD BOWL (Lincoln, Nebraska)

2006-2008: Performed in pit orchestras



2003-2005: Consulted with the Wind and Percussion Advisory Board

2004-2005: Assisted with choir and orchestra receptions

2005: Designed clarinet studio web site

2003-2004: Helped organize Band Day
                     Recruited students for the NAU Preparatory School

2004: Assisted with AMEA conference presentation
          Assisted with Arizona Band and Orchestra Directors’ Conference


COCONINO HIGH SCHOOL (Flagstaff, Arizona)

2004-2005: Taught Clarinet Sectionals



2005: Volunteered at concerts
          Assisted with the outreach program

2004: Volunteered at concerts


Unless otherwise noted, all performances are in the Blankenship Recital Hall, located on the first floor of the Fine Arts Building.

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