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Prospective Students

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If you’re interested in making music in college, UTM has a place for you! Your first decision is how active you want to be:

  • Major in music (music education, music performance, music pedagogy, or B.A. in music)
  • Minor in music
  • Play in ensembles

Next, let us know that you’re interested! Fill out this form or email Dr. Aleksander to introduce yourself.


If you're interested in pursuing music at UTM, you should come experience music at UTM! You can explore our new music building and work with our faculty at these annual events:

  • Woodwind Day (every November on the Saturday before Thanksgiving): Join advanced high school & college woodwind players for an intensive day listening to and learning about music.
  • Honor Band (every January): Join us for this 350+ person event featuring four honor bands! Open to students from middle school through high school, by application.
  • Junior/Senior Day (every February on Presidents' Day): Be a music major/minor for a day! Sit in on classes, meet current students, and get answers to your questions. Open to all juniors and seniors interested in majoring or minoring in music.
  • Chamber Fest (late March): Play in a woodwind quintet or clarinet choir with other outstanding high school musicians! Open to high school students by audition or invitation.

More information about all of these events can be found here. If you’re interested in participating in anything, just let Dr. Aleksander know.


As a music major, one of the most important factors that should affect your college decision is your major professor: after all, you’ll be working with that person one-on-one, once per week, for four or five years! They’ll be your mentor—and an important reference when you’re looking for a job.

Because this relationship is so important, I am happy to offer a free half-hour lesson to anyone interested in majoring or minoring in music. I prefer doing this in Martin so that you can also tour our facilities, but if you can’t make it here, we can certainly work together online. If you’re interested in taking a free lesson, please email me.


If you'€™ve been in All-Region Band, Orchestra, or Choir & have a 22 or higher on the ACT (and major in music), you automatically get a $1500/year music scholarship. If you'€™ve been in All-State Band, Orchestra, or Choir & have 22+ on the ACT (and major in music), your music scholarship doubles to $3000/year!

Plus, you'€™re eligible for additional music & academic awards on top of either award. Click here to review scholarship information and requirements for the Department of Music and UT Martin Scholarships.

Audition Information

All students who wish to major or minor in music must audition for acceptance into the music program (this is also your scholarship audition). Also, if you’re interested in a music scholarship, you need to audition even if you aren’t going to major or minor in music.

Our audition dates are Woodwind Day, Junior/Senior Day, and the Saturday of Honor Band. We also offer separate audition appointments that we arrange at your convenience. March 1st is the deadline to audition and receive full consideration for music scholarships.
For your audition, you should prepare:

  • Music Major: all major scales & chromatic scale (full range of the instrument) and TWO selections (see below for suggestions)
  • Music Minor: all major scales & chromatic scale (full range of the instrument) and ONE selection featuring both lyrical and technical playing (see below for suggestions)
  • Band Activity Scholarship: the two excerpts posted here:

Music majors and minors will typically audition for Dr. Aleksander, Dr. Owens (our saxophone & double reed professor), and Prof. Lewis (our flute professor). These auditions include the scholarship audition, and they usually take place in my office (Fine Arts 235); you can perform your chosen repertoire in whatever order you’d like. If you’re auditioning for entrance as a music major, we’ll also usually talk with you about your background and aspirations.


If you're auditioning for a band activity scholarship but not for acceptance as a music major or minor, Dr. Oelrich (our Director of Bands) will typically hear your audition; Dr. Waterman (our Director of Athletic Bands) and I also try to be there, if we're available.


Click here to schedule an audition.


Suggested Audition Repertoire

If you're auditioning for a Band Activity Scholarship only (not to major or minor in music), please download the two required excerpts here:


If you're auditioning to be a music major, you need to prepare two contrasting works; you also need to be prepared to play your chromatic and all major scales, from memory, over the full range of the instrument.


If you're auditioning to be a music minor; you also need to be prepared to play your chromatic and all major scales, from memory, over the full range of the instrument.


Here is a list of suggested repertoire; similar works may be substituted.

For more information on our degree offerings, auditions, scholarships, and more, please visit


Unless otherwise noted, all performances are in the Blankenship Recital Hall, located on the first floor of the Fine Arts Building.

For more events, please click here