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Teachers will be assigned by the Community Music Academy, in consultation with the student/parent, and will be retained for as long as possible during the student’s study.


Students are encouraged to take summer lessons. If their normal teacher is not available, another Community Music Academy teacher may be assigned for the summer.


Apprentice teachers will be selected by UTM faculty from all music majors. They will primarily be upperclassmen; freshmen will only be accepted under special circumstances. All vocal teachers must have completed the Voice Science and Pedagogy course prior to acceptance. Apprentice teachers will meet once per semester for training and will be evaluated by UTM faculty (via video) once per year


Anyone teaching in the UTM Fine Arts Building (except pianists) must teach through the Community Music Academy.



We currently offer lessons in voice and nearly all instruments, including band and orchestral instruments, piano, guitar, and drum set. We do not yet offer cello lessons or adult violin/viola lessons.


Students taking lessons through the Community Music Academy will not get college credit for their lessons.


To ensure student safety, all students who enroll in the Community Music Academy must be physically capable of performing on their instrument. For example, a second-graderâs hands are too small to cover the holes on a clarinet, and a fourth-graderâs voice is not yet developed enough to begin lessons. In general, instrumental musicians will be accepted beginning in 5th or 6th grade. Further information about voice lessons can be found below.


Due to the fact that the human voice is a natural instrument that develops at the same rate as the rest of the body, the Community Music Academy has adopted the following age requirements for students interested in taking voice lessons with us:


Girls- 12 years old and up

Boys- may take lessons once their voice has finished changing.


If a student in elementary school is interested in taking voice lessons, we strongly encourage and recommend that he/she takes piano lessons first. Playing piano is a skill that all singers should have. It will help them to learn their vocal music once their voices are ready to begin lessons.


All lessons will take place in the UTM Fine Arts Building; rooms will vary based on instrument.


Parents are responsible for their children before and after lessons, including accompanying them to and from the lesson room. Anyone besides the parent who picks a student up from a lesson must be listed on the Enrollment Form or must have a note from the parent/guardian.


The student/parent and the teacher will agree upon a regular lesson time for the entire semester. Lessons are expected to take place at the same time every week for the convenience of all parties. A lesson can be moved only if both parties agree at least three days in advance.


Lessons will be cancelled if UTM is closed (for weather or a scheduled holiday), unless otherwise agreed upon by both the student/parent and the teacher. Public school closings do not mean that the Community Music Academy is closed; parents/students must contact their teacher if they cannot get to their lesson due to weather.


Additional and make-up lessons may be offered at the teacher’s discretion.


Teachers will use the Lesson Journal and Progress Report to write down all assignments and keep track of the student’s development. Teachers will also maintain communication with parents via email and phone.



Students are expected to record their practicing using the Practice Log and to meet the minimum practice times outlined by the teacher. Most vocal teachers will set their own practice expectations based on the student’s age and level. Most instrumental teachers use the following minimum practice times:

5th-7th grade 30 minutes/day
4 days/week
8th-9th grade 45-60 minutes/day
4 days/week
10th-11th grade 60-90 minutes/day
4 days/week
12th grade* 90-120 minutes/day
5 days/week

*If preparing for college auditions; otherwise, follow the 10th-11th grade guidelines.


In addition, remember that any time students choose to join an ensemble, take an audition, or perform for any reason, they are committing themselves to practicing more than listed above.


It is better to practice several days per week instead of cramming it all into a single day before the lesson.



Private lesson fees are as follows:

  • Apprentice teachers (UTM students): $15 for 30 minutes / $25 for 60 minutes
  • Master teachers (UTM faculty): $25 for 30 minutes / $40 for 60 minutes


Payment can be made by cash or check (made out to the teacher, not the Community Music Academy) and is due at the beginning of each lesson or each month, as indicated on the Enrollment Form. No exceptions. Teachers will keep track of payments and report issues to the Community Music Academy Director.


There is a $10 enrollment fee, due at the third lesson. If paying by check, the check should be made out to UTM Music.


Students will be charged for any lessons they miss with less than 24 hours notice, except in case of illness, emergency, or UTM closure. Students who habitually cancel with little notice will be reported to the Community Music Academy Director.


Student & Parent Agreement

Student Agreement

  • I will practice between lessons, as listed in the Community Music Academy Policies.
  • I will properly care for my instrument & all accessories and bring them to every lesson.
  • I will bring my binder, music, and supplies to every lesson.
  • I will arrive on time for lessons and promptly notify my teacher if I need to cancel a lesson.
  • I will play on at least one recital per year.

Parent/Guardian Agreement

I have read the Community Music Academy Policies, available online. In particular, I agree to:

  • Pay the stipulated amount at the beginning of each lesson or each month
  • Purchase a small binder and any required music
  • Notify my child's teacher asap if (s)he needs to miss a lesson
  • Be responsible for my child before and after lessons
  • Provide a note when anyone besides a parent/guardian listed on the Enrollment Form picks up my child.

Participation Waiver

I hereby release and agree to indemnify and hold harmless the University from all demands, claims, and suits, actions, or liabilities resulting from injuries or death to any persons or property loss by participant, University, or any person, howsoever caused, during the activity, for use of the University property, or occurring as a result of use of such space during the activity.


Publicity & Medical Release

Publicity Release

I authorize the University of Tennessee to photograph, film, record, and/or broadcast my child's image and/or voice, in whole or in part, in any medium now known or developed in the future, without any restrictions. This information will be used primarily for electronic and print promotional materials - names will never be used.

Emergency Medical Release

In consideration of my child's participation in the UTM Music Academy, I provide the following release. I understand that a health problem or a medical emergency may develop that necessitates the administration of medical care, hospitalization, or surgery.


In the event of injury or illness to my child, I hereby authorize University of Tennessee and its representative(s) or agent(s) to secure any necessary treatment, including the administration of anesthetics and surgery. In registering my child for CMA, I agree not to hold the University of Tennessee or any of its representatives or agents responsible for any side effects of medications.


I further authorize any physician, healthcare provider, or hospital to provide reasonable and necessary medical treatment or supplies. This original permission or a photocopy thereof is equally valid as an authorization. I recognize that the University's sickness and accident insurance does not provide full coverage for participants. I accept responsibility for payments of those medical costs incurred for injuries or illnesses that are not covered by the University of Tennessee's insurance.


Interest Form

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Unless otherwise noted, all performances are in the Blankenship Recital Hall, located on the first floor of the Fine Arts Building.

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108 Fine Arts

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