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Edward Wheeler, Chair

About Computer Science

Departmental Mission

The mission of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Program is to prepare students for employment or graduate study in computer science. With a primary focus on teaching, the department emphasizes quality undergraduate instruction. The educational program is delivered in an environment that promotes the development of programming, theoretical and technical skills. The faculty performs scholarly activities and services consistent with the teaching emphasis of the discipline and the mission of the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences.


Program Educational Objectives

The following program educational objectives have been adopted by the faculty of the Department of Computer Science. After graduation from our program, alumni will be able to:

  1. design and implement solutions to a wide array of complex computer science, software and technology problems which meet the diverse needs of a broad spectrum of employers and graduate schools, while at the same time appreciating the social, economic and ethical issues in a modern global society.
  2. work well on both individual projects and on team based projects, demonstrating clear communication and presentation skills.
  3. serve the computer science, software and technology needs of West Tennessee and the broader regional, state, national and global market by being professionally employed in any field making use of their computer science skills, and by being able to adapt as needed to new technologies, tools and methodologies.

About Computer Science

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