Pricing and Return Policy

UT Martin Computer Store

108 Boling University Center

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Susie Lewis, Director

Pricing and Return Policy

If you need pricing on anything not found on this website, please feel free to contact us. We use several different suppliers to be able to obtain nearly all things computer related. All prices listed on this website do not include tax. Tax rate in Tennessee is 9.75%. Most software items are for Academic use only!


Return Policy:

  • Most items purchased may be returned as long as ALL-original packaging in neat order and a receipt are brought to the store within 7 days.
  • Hardware returns will be referred to management.
  • All returns will be charged a 2.5% restocking fee with a $1.00 minimum.

We reserve the right to refuse any return at the Director’s sole discretion.


Please call us at: (731)881-7879, or email
Faxes can be sent to: (731)881-7963

Software Downloads

The software available through this website may have certain restrictions applied to how it may be acquired. Some items may only be downloaded from an on-campus computer. Others may require authentication.

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Departmental Order Form

This form is for departmental use only. This form is NOT for students or off-campus orders. Please, call the Computer Store at 731-881-7879 for assistance.

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