Financial Aid

Scholarships and Grants Available


Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant:

  • 2015-2016 Juniors – Combined with the TSAC Dual Enrollment Grant awards of $500 for the first two courses and $200 for a third Dual Enrollment Course; Juniors will owe only $100 for their first two dual enrollment courses at UT Martin.
  • 2015-2016 Seniors – The TSAC Dual Enrollment grant will remain the same for seniors. Seniors will only pay $300 for UT Martin Dual Enrollment courses.

If a student is enrolled in two dual enrollment courses, they may be eligible to receive $600 per semester. Click Apply Now to apply for the grant. For further details call the Dual Enrollment office at 731-881-3089.


UT Martin Dual Enrollment Advantage Scholarship – (New in Fall 2015) - Dual enrollment students accepted to the UT Martin Dual Enrollment program are eligible for the UT Martin Dual Advantage. Students must qualify for the TSAC Dual Enrollment Grant to be eligible. UT Martin believes in the exceptional advantages to beginning college courses in high school. In effect, the UT Martin Dual Advantage was created to assist every high school junior and senior student in receiving a quality education with a four year institution. Please contact the Dual Enrollment office for details about this scholarship, 731-881-3089.


Tennessee Workforce Investment Act (WIA): A needs based scholarship available statewide. Contact your local WIA office for further details and requirements. Visit the Department of Labor and Workforce Development website to view the center in your area.


Local Scholarships: Funds have been established in selected areas in support of dual enrollment. Contact the Dual Enrollment office for details.


For more information about the available scholarships: Click here to contact the Dual Enrollment office!


Fees and Waivers

Dual Enrollment Students do not pay:

  • Application Fee
  • Program & Services Fees
  • Facility Fee

Students can defer their fees by setting up a four-part payment plus a $30 deferment fee at the start of classes. The remaining balances will be due based upon the fee schedule of that semester. Please call the Burser's Office at 731-881-7810 or view their website for more details,


Dependent fee waivers for State and University of Tennessee (UT)/Tennessee Board of Regent (TBR) employees:

  • 25% fee waiver for dependents of public school teachers and state employees
  • 50% fee waiver for dependents of UT/TBR employees

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