Occupational Licensure Courses Offered

The following required courses (a total of 18 hours) are offered on a regular schedule:

  • CTE 290 - Effective Instructional Strategies and Managing the Environment
  • CTE 300 - Students with Exceptionalities
  • CTE 303 - Diagnosis and Evaluation
  • CTE 311- Technology Integration
  • CTE 325 - Educational Psychology
  • CTE 440 - Selected Problems in Education (Directed Internship)


Courses are offered face-to-face, DL and online

In order to determine where and when these courses are offered, contact Erica Bell or Becky Wilson with the Office of Extended Campus and Online Studies at 731-881-7086 or by email at ebell@utm.edu and bwilson@utm.edu. We look forward to working with you!

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