READ 700 - Foundations of Reading 3 hrs

READ 710- Advanced Reading Diagnosis & Correction 3 hrs (including 1 hr practicum)

READ 720- Research based Teaching of Reading 3 hrs (including 1 hr practicum)

READ 730- Reading as a Psycholinguistic Process 3 hrs (including 1 hr practicum)

READ 740- Practicum in Reading 3 hrs

LIBS 652- Library Materials for Young Adults 3 hrs

(LIBS 651 would be used if student has taken LIBS 452 at the undergraduate level)


NOTE: The coursework listed above is designed to give individuals the necessary content to add on the Reading Specialist K-12 endorsement once all required Praxis exams are passed. Additionally, three years of successful experience as a licensed teacher are required for licensure upon completion of the concentration hours.

**Reading Specialist Praxis (20300)


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