Departmental Meeting Minutes

Educational Studies – Departmental Meeting Minutes



August Faculty Meeting

September Faculty Meeting

October Faculty Meeting

November Faculty Meeting

January 2012 Faculty Meeting

February 2012 Faculty Meeting

March 2012 Faculty Meeting

April 2012 Faculty Minutes



2010 -2011

August 2010 Faculty Meeting Minutes

September 2010 Faculty Meeting

October 2010 Final Faculty Meeting Minutes

November Faculty Meeting

February Faculty Meeting

March Faculty Meeting

April Faculty Meeting




February 2010 Faculty Meeting

Attachment 1- Proposed Interdisciplinary Concentration in Early Childhood Learning & Development

March 2010 Educational Studies Faculty Meeting

Attachment 1 - Electronic Exhibits needed for Instructional Report

April 2010 Educational Studies Faculty Meeting



September 26, 2008

October 10, 2008

Attachment 1 - Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Summary

Attachment 2 -Summary of Proposed Curricular Changes for Educational Leadership

Attachment 3 -Summary of Curricular Changes for Educational Studies

November 14.2008

November Agenda Attachment

November Faculty Meeting

January 16,2009

Agenda for Faculty Meeting

Minutes attached: Ed Studies Faculty Meeting: Jan. Faculty Meeting

February 13. 2009

Agenda attached: Agenda for February faculty mtg

Minutes attached: February faculty mtg minutes

March 6,2009

Faculty Minutes attached: March faculty mtg

April 17, 2009

Faculty Minutes attached:April faculty mtg

August 26,2009

Faculty Minutes Attached: August Faculty Minutes

September 25,2009

Faculty Minutes Attached:Sept 2009 Faculty Meeting

Attachments 1: PT Review

Attachment 2 : Summary of Curricular Changes

Attachment 3:Field Placement Report to Ed

October 23,2009

Faculty Minutes Attached : Oct 2009 Educational Studies Faculty Meeting

Attachment : Graduate Committee: Graduate Curricular Changes

December 4, 2009

Faculty Minutes Attached: Dec 2009 Educational Studies Faculty Meeting Minutes

Attachment 1: Proposed Interdisciplinary Masters in Education

Attachment 2: Urban Experience

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