Writing Awards


The Department of English and Modern Foreign Languages at UT Martin invites you to enter the annual Student Writing Contest, with awards in seven categories:


The Robert G. Cowser Poetry Award (7+ poems)


The Jenna S. Wright Literary Award in the Short Story (1 story)


The Margrethe Ahlschwede Personal Essay Award (1 essay)


The John E. McCluskey Undergraduate Scholarly Essay Award (1 formally documented critical essay of 8-20 pages) $150

The Foreign Language Scholarly Essay Award


Technical Writing and Business Communication Award


The Anna H. Clark English 100 or 110 Essay Award



Competitions are open to full-time students enrolled at UT Martin during either or both of the 2017-2018 terms. The scholarly essay award is open for undergraduates only. All work submitted must be original. Previously published works are eligible. Writings may be concurrently submitted to BeanSwitch.


All entries must be submitted by 5:00 p.m., March 2, 2018.

Directions for Entering

  1. Enclose unsigned entry in a manila envelope.
  2. Include a cover sheet providing your name, e-mail, and phone contact information, and the category in which your submission is to be considered.
  3. Place the envelope in the basket labeled "Writing Awards" in the English Department Office (131 Humanities Building)


  1. The winner in each category will receive a cash award of $150.
  2. Each winner will be invited to submit an electronic copy of his or her entry for posting on the department website.
  3. BeanSwitch, the campus art and literary magazine, will publish a list of winners.
  4. Winners will be recognized at the English & Modern Foreign Languages Department Awards Banquet.
  5. Winners will be recognized on Honors Day.

Winners of the 2017 EMFL Department Writing Awards

The Scholarly Essay in a Modern Foreign Language Award

  • Winner: Sara Ketis

The Robert G. Cowser Poetry Award:

  • Winner: James "Clay" Palmer
  • Honorable Mention: Parker Brasher

The Jenna S. Wright Short Story Award:

  • Winner: Lauren P. Maddox

John E. McClusky Scholarly Essay:

  • Winner: Jay “Spencer” Atkins
  • Honorable Mention: Maggie Mayo

The Margrethe Ahlschwede Personal Essay:

  • Winner: Corrine E. Landry

Technical Writing & Business Communication:

  • Winner:
  • Honorable Mention:

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