Conflicts of Interest

(Policy FI 125)


Faculty and staff of the University of Tennessee are expected to take all reasonable precautions to ensure that their outside financial interests do not place them in conflict with carrying out their duties and responsibilities as employees of the university. Generally, a conflict of interests exists when one of the following conditions exists.


All employees are required to take the initiative and report in writing (e.g., memo) to their immediate supervisor any conflict of interests between their university duties and responsibilities and their outside interests. In addition, employees (except term and students) will be notified annually to disclose outside interests on the form provided by the university (see the outside interest disclosure form for faculty and staff below). This form requires the disclosure of specific outside interests that may or may not represent conflicts of interests. Also, employees may be required periodically to complete a disclosure form whether or not they have interests or activities to disclose.


Click here to access a copy of the Outside Interest Disclosure Form.



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