UTM Emergency Preparedness

The Emergency Response Plan procedures provided in this plan are to enhance the protection of lives and property through the effective use of University and campus community resources. A state of emergency may be declared at any time an emergency reaches such proportions that the emergency cannot be handled by routine measures.


Two categories of emergencies which may require such a response are (1) large scale natural or man-made disasters, and (2) large scale disorder. Such emergencies may include, but not be limited to; tornados, earthquakes, winter storms, fires, infectious diseases, hazardous chemical spills, transportation accidents, explosions, utility outages, civil disturbances, bombs, hostage situations, or terrorist activities. Since emergencies normally occur without warning, these procedures are designed to provide sufficient flexibility to accommodate contingencies of assorted types and magnitudes.


To read the complete Emergency Response Plan: www.utm.edu/departments/ehs/emergency_response.pdf


For additional information on UT Martin Alarms visit the site at http://www.utm.edu/alerts/index.php.


All employees are encouraged to complete the Emergency Preparedness course in Blackboard.


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