Employee Relations Council

The ERC provides a direct channel of communication between regular non-exempt employees and University officials for information and advisory purposes.


Amanda Broussard Children's Center, Elam Center, Fieldhouse, Football Bldg., Recreation Wellness Faculty and Student Life
Benjamin Moore Grounds, Transportation Services, & Warehouse
Benny Quintero Custodial Services
Betty Cowen Gooch Hall
Dale Willis Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
Debbie Hunter Brehm Hall, EPS Bldg, Fine Arts & UTM farm
Donald Rogers Housing
Donna Butler Information Technology Services
Emily Powers Public Safety
Jennifer Hays Administration Building
Jolene Cunningham Administration Building
Larry Brewer Custodial Services
Lavonne Hibbard Housing
Mallissia Pentecost Student Health, Counseling & University Center
Michael Bullington Custodial Services
Nan Murphy Library
Sherry Argo Administration Building
Sherry Shaklin Administration Building
Stephanie Butler Gooch Hall
Susan Lemond Business Admin Bldg., McCombs Center, Reed Center, Sociology Bldg.
Susan Waterfield Governor's School for the Humanities, Healthy Start Program, Humanities Building, Student Success Center
Tracie Stewart Building Services & Physical Plant Administration
Trent Hornbeak Building Services & Physical Plant Administration
Vicki Stout Information Technology Services



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