Sick Leave

Sick Leave for Regular Employees

(Section 300, Policy 380)

  • Full-time regular staff and faculty accrue sick leave at one day per month.
  • Sick leave for part-time employees is pro-rated.
  • Nine-month faculty do not accrue sick leave.


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Sick Leave Bank

(Policy 382)


The sick leave bank shall provide emergency sick leave to member employees who have suffered disability due to an unplanned personal illness, injury, or quarantine and who have exhausted their compensatory time and personal, sick, and annual leave balances.

The trustees shall notify all employees who accrue sick leave of their eligibility to join the sick leave bank, and the effective date of the bank. The trustees shall inform all eligible employees of the initial three-day enrollment assessment to be deducted from the employee's sick leave balance.

Employees will be given at least 45 days to enroll in the bank. Prior to the initial assessment, applicants must have a sick leave balance of at least six days in order to join the bank.


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