Smoking Policy SA0900

This policy has been implemented in compliance with the Tennessee Non-Smoker Compliance Act.


Key provisions of the policy include the following prohibitions:

  • Smoking is prohibited in all buildings owned or operated by the University;
  • Entrances to all University buildings are designated as smoke free, and smoking is prohibited within twenty-five (25) feet of all doorways, windows, and ventilation systems of all University buildings. All designated smoking entrance signs on buildings will be removed and all cigarette urns will be removed or moved at least 25 feet away from buildings;
  • Smoking is prohibited in all motor vehicles owned, leased, or operated by the University;
  • The policy applies to all University officials, employees, students, and visitors;
  • University employees may report violations of the policy to their immediate supervisor, the next level of supervision, or the University employee directly responsible for the University facility where a violation occurs. Violations also may be reported by employees, students, or others to the campus/institute human resources office or to the University-Wide Institutional Compliance office (865-974-4438). Violations may be reported anonymously to the State Comptroller's Fraud Hotline at 1-800-232-5454 and
  • Any University employee found to have violated the policy may be subject to discipline as set forth in University Policies HR0525 and HR0580. Any student found to have violated the Smoking Policy may be subject to discipline in accordance with campus procedures.


The full description of the policy can be viewed here.



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