Acceptable Use of Technology

(HR Policy IT0110)


Information technology resources are valuable assets provided to enhance the core functions of the University of Tennessee. The use of the university's information technology resources is a privilege extended to authorized users for education, research, service, and administration. This ACCEPTABLE USE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES POLICY (AUP) governs the use of the university's information technology resources in an atmosphere that encourages free exchange of ideas and an unwavering commitment to academic freedom. The university community is based on principles of honesty, academic integrity, respect for others, and respect for others' privacy and property.

Information System Use

(Policy FI0805)


The use of University information technology (IT) resources and telephones is a privilege extended in good faith to employees for purposes relation to education, research, service and administration.

  • Use for personal gain or illegal or obscene activities is prohibited.
  • Use on behalf of any specific candidate for political office is prohibited.
  • Minimal personal use is allowed according to departmental policies.
  • Personal long distance telephone calls may not be made at the University's expense.



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