Our Values


UT Martin values the crucial role that faculty play in establishing high academic standards, individualizing instruction, engaging in scholarship, personalizing advising and stimulating both creative and analytical thinking.


UT Martin places fairness, honesty, objectivity and accountability at the forefront of its policies and practices in all areas of University life.


UT Martin takes an active role in the development of individuals who can contribute, through leadership and public service, to the campus and to West Tennessee, creating a more globally aware, politically vital and economically diverse region.


UT Martin is committed to being a caring campus community of students, faculty, and staff working collaboratively to foster individual growth in and out of the classroom.


UT Martin provides an environment devoted to intellectual and personal discovery where ideas are freely expressed and challenged as individuals learn from and grow with one another within a global community.


UT Martin uses creative approaches, including technology, to deliver intellectual ideas on campus and in service to people of the region.



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