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English 112

English Composition

    1. Seeks to expand students' understanding of and opportunity for practice in persuasive and analytical writing, including research writing and documentation.
    2. Continues to engage students in thesis-directed writing while encouraging them to see writing as a process through which they discover ideas and develop those ideas into coherent sentences, paragraphs, and essays.
    3. Continues to involve students in a variety of writing situations, including those they are likely to encounter in other classes (journals, timed essays, out-of-class writing) while emphasizing the value of writing beyond the university experience.
    4. Deepens students’ engagement with ideas introduced through several types of texts (essay, drama, film, hypertext, poetry, and fiction) and uses these texts as a basis for extended analysis, reflection, and writing.
    5. Enables students to refine their control of style, organization, logic, rhetoric, and grammar.
    6. Engages students in library research.
    7. Has students produce a minimum of five projects. At least one of these projects must be a documented research paper that students have revised at least once. By the end of the semester students will have produced at least the equivalent of 16-25 typed pages (approximately 5000 - 7500 words) of finished text.

II. Sections of English 112 may incorporate the following:

    • a central theme
    • computer assisted instruction
    • peer workshops/reviews/collaborative writing
    • faculty-student conferences
    • portfolios
    • oral communication (e.g., group discussion, group presentations, individual presentations)
    • multiple research papers
    • a variety of research sources (interviews, the Internet, art work)

III. The department will provide a list of core textbooks (anthologies, readers, and handbooks) from which adjuncts will select. Regular faculty may select from this list as well.

IV. All university and department policies (written attendance policy, non-discrimination policy, meeting final exams) will apply.

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