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First-Year Composition Course Descriptions


Placement in Freshman English

Freshman receive placement advice based on their high school grade point average and on their ACT English score. Beginning freshmen who have entrance placements of an ACT English Composite score below 19 are required to enroll in the English 100, 110, 112 sequence; all other students will enroll in the English 111, 112 composition sequence. To verify placement, students will complete a writing sample during the first class period of each introductory course.


Placement of International Students

  • International Students who have a 500 (paper) or a 173 (computer) TOEFL score or have completed Level 6 in UT Martin's Intensive English Program may enroll in English 100 without taking an English placement exam. Those students who feel they can achieve a higher placement may take The English Writing Proficiency Placement Exam administered by the English Department at the scheduled time and will be placed in English 100 or 111 based on the results of this examination. 
  • The required  in-class writing sample taken during the first class meeting in all English 100 and 111 classes will continue to be an indicator of appropriate English placement for all students in those classes.
  • International students must be enrolled in or have completed Level 6 of the UT Martin Intensive English Program or have scored 500 (paper) or 173 (computer) on the TOEFL in order to take the English Writing Proficiency Placement Exam.

Honors English 111-112

Students who score 28 or above on the English portion of the Enhanced ACT may enroll in the freshman honors sequence (111H-112H), which offers enrichment and variety, collegial contact with other excellent students, and an obvious designation of distinction on the academic transcript. A student earning an "A" in English 111 may enroll in English 112H if space is available and with the approval of the instructor.

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