English Program


The English program in the Department of English and Modern Foreign Languages offers a wide variety of courses at all levels.


The mission of the Department of English and Modern Foreign Languages is to provide courses that foster effective communication and clear thinking and that stress social awareness, aesthetic appreciation and intellectual growth. The department lays the basis for self-expression, self-knowledge, written and oral communication and creative adaptation to the changing realities of life. Students and faculty further this development through a variety of service and scholarly activities.

The Department of English and Modern Foreign Languages supports the mission of the university by:

  • improving cross-cultural understanding, international awareness, and appreciation of one’s own culture;
  • increasing aesthetic awareness and engagement;
  • providing undergraduate instruction in certain important languages, literatures, and cultures;
  • improving the literacy and communication skills of the non-major (reading, writing, grammar, listening, vocabulary building and pronunciation);
  • preparing advanced-level students for careers or graduate study in which such skills, knowledge and awareness are valuable;
  • sharing its expertise in languages, literatures and cultures with the outside community and professionals in the field;
  • promoting international travel and study;
  • participating in the activities of civic and professional organizations that promote the study of languages, literatures and cultures and public interest in them.

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