Interdisciplinary Student Writing Conference Rules and Instructions

Conference Description: Selected undergraduate students from any academic discipline on campus will be invited to read original short works of non-fiction prose, including scholarly papers, interpretive essays, reports, articles, and personal essays prepared for courses taken at UTM during the 2015 calendar year. Additionally, outstanding papers in specific categories will be selected by an interdisciplinary panel of judges to receive special recognition.


Who May Submit: Undergraduate students whose outstanding papers have been nominated by UTM faculty members may be considered for the conference. The nominated papers should be selected from those prepared for courses taught in the 2015 calendar year. We ask that faculty submit the papers on behalf of the students.


Topics: While there is no explicit conference theme, the aim of the conference is to showcase excellent writing in all disciplines. Thus, submitted papers may deal with any topic in any area of study at UTM—from Anthropology to Zoology and anything in between.


Categories: Written work may be submitted in the following categories:

  • Scholarly Research Paper Sciences, Social Sciences, Business
  • Scholarly Research Paper Humanities
  • Personal Essay
  • Critical Interpretations of Texts, Events, or Experiences
  • Professional Writing (reports, articles, proposals, etc.)

Length and Format: Papers may be up to ten pages in length, though shorter works are welcome and longer works may be submitted with the understanding that not all of the paper may be presented at the conference. Papers must be typed in 12-point standard font (Times New Roman, Arial, or similar font), double-spaced, with one inch margins. A running title should appear on each page. Papers should be submitted with the attached coversheet, but no additional identifying information should appear within the document.


Selection: Faculty members will be asked to nominate outstanding student papers. A committee composed of faculty from UTM colleges will select participants from the pool of nominated papers. The papers will be evaluated through a professional blind jury process, and final selections will be read by their respective student authors at the conference here at UTM. Papers will be judged for content, clarity of style, originality of thought, and/or evidence of engaging research.


Where to Submit: Faculty may submit papers along with the attached cover sheet via campus mail to: Charles Bradshaw, 131D Humanities Bldg.


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