Program Check Sheets

Curricula for Integrated Studies

A Bachelor of Science in Education degree with a major in Integrated Studies is available with five concentrations which can lead to licensure in PreK-3 (5161), K-5 (5162), Middle Grades 6-8 (5163), or Special Education Interventionist K-8 for those students who complete the outlined program of study.


Integrated Studies PreK-3


Integrated Studies K-6


Integrated Studies K-5 (Effective Fall 2017)


Integrated Studies 4-8


Integrated Studies 6-8 Language Arts (Effective Fall 2017)


Integrated Studies 6-8 Math (Effective Fall 2017)


Integrated Studies 6-8 Science (Effective Fall 2017)


Integrated Studies 6-8 Social Studies (Effective Fall 2017)


Program- Interventionist (SPED) Early Childhood PreK-3 (Effective F’17)


Integrated Studies – Interventionist (SPED) K-8 (Effective F’17)


Curricula for Secondary Education 6-12

Students who plan to teach in grades 6-12 will follow similar programs during the first two years.  The electives in all areas should be carefully chosen so that the student can complete professional and subject matter requirements for graduation and licensure in the chosen subject matter teaching fields.

NOTE:  Persons wishing to be non-licensure secondary subject majors should consult with an appropriate adviser regarding the university’s Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science degree requirements.

These requirements are based on a concept of human development which sees the individual as having unique interests and needs; therefore, a number of options are provided so that the student may build an individualized curriculum within the broad framework of the academic disciplines.


Program Check Sheets

Secondary Education - Biology


Secondary Education (6-12) Biology (Effective Fall ‘17)


Secondary Education - French


Secondary Education (6-12) French (Effective Fall ‘17)


Secondary Education - Business


Secondary Education (6-12) Business (Effective Fall ‘17)


Secondary Education - Geography


Secondary Education (6-12) Geography (Effective Fall 2017)


Secondary Education - Chemistry


Secondary Education (6-12) Chemistry (Effective Fall 2017)


Secondary Education - Government


Secondary Education (6-12) Government (Effective Fall 2017)


Secondary Education – Interventionist (SPED) 6-12 Science (Effective F’17)


Secondary Education – Interventionist (SPED) 6-12 Social Studies (Effective F’17)


Secondary Education - Earth & Space


Secondary Education (6-12) -Earth & Space (Effective Fall ‘17)


Secondary Education - History


Secondary Education (6-12)- History (Effective Fall ’17)


Secondary Education - Economics


Secondary Education (6-12)- Economics (Effective Fall ’17)


Secondary Education - Mathematics


Secondary Education (6-12)- Mathematics (Effective Fall ’17)


Secondary Education - English


Secondary Education (6-12)- English (Effective Fall ’17)


Secondary Education - Spanish


Secondary Education (6-12)- Spanish (Effective Fall ’17)


Secondary Education – Interventionist (SPED) 6-12 English (Effective F’17)


Secondary Education – Interventionist (SPED) 6-12 Mathematics (Effective F’17)



Curricula for Special Education - (P-12 Modified Special Education)

A Bachelor of Science Degree in Education with a major in Special Education, (Modified P-12), is offered for those students who complete the outlined program of study listed below. The program includes clock hours of clinical lab experiences, directed observations, limited participation in classroom settings and a semester-long program of supervised student teaching.


NOTE: Individual’s completing this program must graduate and be licensed by August 31, 2018. The new Special Education programs, now referred to as Interventionist, can be found under Integrated Studies and Secondary Education.


Program Check Sheets

Special Education- PreK-12

Job Postings

Weakley County Schools

Weakley County Schools is seeking qualified applicants in Special Education at Sharon and Greenfield for 2018-19. If interested, please apply online at and/or contact Mr. Jeff Kelley, Assistant Director Weakley County Schools. 731-364-2247

Wilson County Schools

Wilson County Schools is seeking qualified applicants in various grade ranges and subject areas for 2018-19. If interested, please apply online at and/or contact Ms. Lisa Spencer, HR Supervisor-Certified Personnel at or 615-453-7299.

Houston County Schools

Houston County High School is seeking qualified applicants in Spanish and Economics. Applicants must have a valid Tennessee License and be certified to teach in the appropriate endorsement area. For more information contact: Michael Bass, Principal, or 931-289-4447.

Erin Elementary School is seeing qualified applicants for teaching positions. Applicants must have a valid Tennessee License with appropriate endorsements. For more information contact: Ms. Elisha Mitchell, Principal at 931-289-4148.

For application information contact: Houston County Board of Education at 931-289-4148.

Williamson County School District

Immediate openings in Chemistry and Spanish at Nolensville High School, Nolensville, TN For more information please contact Dr. Bill Harlin, Principal. Dr. Harlin's email is

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