edTPA is a performance assessment to help determine if new teachers are ready to enter the profession with the skills necessary to help all of their students learn. This process doesn't ask you to do anything that most have not already done in your education courses but does ask that you demonstrate what you have learned through the application of teaching strategies that promote student learning.


By focusing on the act of teaching, edTPA complements existing entry-level assessments that focus on basic skills or subject-matter knowledge. The edTPA is comparable to entry-level licensing exams that demand applications of skills in other professions, such as the medical licensing exams, the architecture exam, or the bar exam in law. Benefits for you:


Development of confidence and skills you need to be successful in diverse settings Provide a uniform and evidence-based process that can be used to confirm that you demonstrate readiness for the classroom Measures your ability to differentiate instruction for diverse learners Prepare you to be successful in the actual classroom environment Provide extra support from faculty and staff during the student teaching experience

Job Postings

Weakley County Schools

Weakley County Schools is seeking qualified applicants in Special Education at Sharon and Greenfield for 2018-19. If interested, please apply online at www.weakleyschools.com and/or contact Mr. Jeff Kelley, Assistant Director Weakley County Schools. 731-364-2247

Wilson County Schools

Wilson County Schools is seeking qualified applicants in various grade ranges and subject areas for 2018-19. If interested, please apply online at www.wcschools.com and/or contact Ms. Lisa Spencer, HR Supervisor-Certified Personnel at humanresources@wcschools.com or 615-453-7299.

Houston County Schools

Houston County High School is seeking qualified applicants in Spanish and Economics. Applicants must have a valid Tennessee License and be certified to teach in the appropriate endorsement area. For more information contact: Michael Bass, Principal, mbass1@houstonk12tn.net or 931-289-4447.

Erin Elementary School is seeing qualified applicants for teaching positions. Applicants must have a valid Tennessee License with appropriate endorsements. For more information contact: Ms. Elisha Mitchell, Principal at 931-289-4148.

For application information contact: Houston County Board of Education at 931-289-4148.

Williamson County School District

Immediate openings in Chemistry and Spanish at Nolensville High School, Nolensville, TN For more information please contact Dr. Bill Harlin, Principal. Dr. Harlin's email is billh@wcs.edu.

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