Praxis Test & ETS Proficiency Profile Information

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2016-17 Praxis II Required Exams and Scores


2016-17 Praxis CORE-formerly PPST


Suggested Praxis Timeline


Note: All student teachers should complete PRAXIS II testing no later than the end of the student teaching semester. Effective Fall 15, all Praxis exams required for licensure must be passed PRIOR to admission to student teaching.

Computer-Delivered Tests


Register for PRAXIS tests online at


Computer-delivered PRAXIS tests are offered by appointment. Some tests are offered continuously and others are offered during specific testing windows that occur several times a year. To find test centers and dates, see

Discontinued Tests

Discontinued tests taken before July 15, 2015 will be accepted for up to five years following the date the test was taken.


Discontinued tests taken on or after July 15, 2015 will not be accepted.

ETS Senior Exit Exam

The ETS Senior Exit Exam is required for all majors in order to graduate. The Office of Academic Records will place a "Post Comp Exam" hold on your Banner account approximately one year before your intended date of graduation. Once you receive this hold on your Banner account, please click the link below to schedule your exam.


The exam is FREE and takes about 1 1/2 hours to complete. You must bring your UTM Confirmation email and a valid, unexpired driver's license, state ID card, passport, or student ID card to be admitted.


Click Here to schedule ETS Senior Exit Exam exam:


NOTE: There will be a MANDATORY $40 late fee if the exam not taken until the last two weeks before your scheduled graduation. The fee, cash or money order MUST be collected at the Testing Center before you will be permitted to take the exam.

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