Student Teaching FAQs

Admission to Student Teaching will be granted if students:
Note: Student Teaching Application Request for Placement must be submitted to the Office of Education Student Services by the application deadline. This should be filed one semester prior to the intended semester for the student teaching experience.

  • Are admitted to Teacher Education
  • Complete and submit the appropriate application one semester in advance of the Student Teaching Semester by the deadline
  • Have a cumulative 2.75 GPA on all courses taken
  • Have a 2.75 GPA in teaching specialty area
  • Complete a minimum of 80% of course work in the endorsement area(s) including all methods courses
  • Pass ALL Praxis exams required for licensure in declared major.*
  • Have satisfactory progress on teacher education portfolio

*The State Department of Education establishes passing scores for the CORE, Praxis II Subject Assessments, and Principles of Learning and Teaching exams. The scores are subject to change each year. In order to obtain the current passing scores when tests are taken, check with the Office of Education Student Services located in 205 Gooch Hall.


Student Teaching Application Information
Application for student teaching must be filed with the Office of Education Student Services one semester prior to the student teaching semester. If the deadline falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the application will be due the following Monday. Permanent deadlines for student teaching applications are:


September 15 for the following Spring Semester
January 30 for the following Fall Semester


Student Teaching Dates, Spring 2015

  • Student Teaching Orientation: January 6-9
  • School Visits: January 8 OR January 9
  • 1st Placement: January 12 - March 5
  • Mid-Session Student Teaching Seminar: March 6
  • 2nd Placement: March 9 - April 23
  • Graduation Practice: TO BE ANNOUNCED
  • Exit Seminar and Awards: April 23
  • Student Teaching Reception:

Application for Student Teaching

To begin the student teaching application process

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Test Information

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