Educational Philosophy
- What is it?...
a combination of the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and values that forms the basis for a person's actions
• provides central direction and purpose to his/her activities
• an impressive plan, point of view, underlying effort

A philosophy creates a program of connected, related activities which have a unified purpose. A philosophy determines what is taught, how it is taught, and how the work will be graded. One's philosophy is the result of continuously changing knowledge and experience. A person's philosophy is developed through a process of study of philosophies of leader's, analyzing one's own feelings and experiences, and receiving feedback from others.
Think about some of the following questions as you begin writing your educational philosophy:
What is the purpose of education? (What goals do you want your students to achieve?)
• What is the student's role? (What are the students' responsibilities?)
• What is the teacher's role?
• What is the teacher's role as a bridge to the community?
• What is the teacher's role in professional growth and educational research?

- What is it?
A brief written summary of an individual's:

• work experience
• accomplishments

*Note: Include an objective at the top of your resume and make sure your name always stands out. Include address, phone #, and email under your name.

Professional Goals
- What are they?...
The professional goals section of the teacher candidate's portfolio will demonstrate his/her academic and career goals. They should give the viewer an idea of where one aspires to be in 5, 10, or 15 years. All of the teacher candidate's goals should be specific, measurable, and time bound. The professional goals should be broken down into two (2) categories:
Short-Term - pertaining to academic career and progress in the teacher education program
• Long-Term - pertaining to graduation and teaching career following graduation

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