3 Component KEYS:
• Knowledge, Skills, and Application
• Reflective Practice
• Professional and Ethical Behavior
Elements for each KEY:
• Diversity
• Assessment
• Technology
• 3-5 pieces of evidence in each component KEY
• Each component KEY area has a minimum of 3 pieces of evidence (1 for each element)
Educational Philosophy, Resume, Professional Goals, and Physical Arrangement
Relevant Pieces of Evidence
Each Piece of Evidence is Accompanied by Explanatory Caption
Portfolio Demonstrates the Teacher Candidate's Competence in Each Area
Checkpoint #1
Introduction to the Profession
All present
May have 1-2 pieces of evidence presented
Checkpoint #2
Course work & field experiences
All present
Minimum 2 pieces of evidence presented in each KEY are
(6 total)
Narratives accompany 4-6 pieces of evidence
Checkpoint #3
Admission to student teaching
All present
6-8 pieces of evidence presented
Narratives accompany each piece of evidence
Checkpoint #4
student teaching/internship
All present
Minimum 3 pieces of evidence presented for each KEY component (9 total)
All narratives are presented and well written

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What is a Professional Teacher Portfolio?
Portfolio Analogy
  UTM's Teacher Education Program Conceptual Framework (CF)
  Layout of TEP Portfolio
  Educatinal Philosophy, Resume, and Professional Goals
  Possible Portfolio Document Contributions
  What is an Explanatory Caption? 
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