1. Notebook Outer and Inner COVER PAGE(s):
_____ a. Contains name and portfolio title: “Teacher Education Program Professional Portfolio”
_____ b. Looks professional, contains a border and/or creative design
_____ b. Is centered correctly
_____ c. Is spaced correctly

2. Notebook SPINE information: (Optional)
_____ a. Contains name and portfolio title
_____ b. Is neat and not crumpled
_____ c. Small pocket can be used

_____ a. TABLE OF CONTENTS title page w/tab
_____ b. Actual TABLE OF CONTENTS - contains a border and/or creative design
_____ c. Has all the major divisions (Prof. Philosphy, Resume, Prof. Goals, and Conceptual Framework (CF)
_____ d. Use roman numerals I. - IV. for the major divisions and bullet the 3 key components of the CF

*Note example below:
I. Professional Philosophy
II. Resume
III. Professional Goals
IV. Conceptual Framework
  • Knowledge, Skills, and Application
  • Reflective Practice
  • Professional and Ethical Behavior

4. All Table of Contents divider sheets
_____ prof. philosphy b. ______resume c. ______prof. goals d. ______conceptual framework (CF)

_____ e. Each divider page has a professional border and/or creative design and acceptable representation
_____ f. Each divider page is centered correctly
_____ g. Each divider page is spaced correctly
_____ h. Professional looking font; good use of color contrast, and large enough font size (36-48 pt.)

5. The following required items are present and attached in the appropriate place:
_____ a. Each divider page contains a clear sheet protector
_____ b. Plastic tabs are attached to each clear sheet protector w/specific title (table of contents, prof. philosphy, resume, prof. goals, and conceptual framework (CF):
_____ c. Tab information must be typed and placed inside the plastic tabs.

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What is a Professional Teacher Portfolio?
Portfolio Analogy
  UTM's Teacher Education Program Conceptual Framework (CF)
  Educational Philosophy, Resume, and Professional Goals
  Possible Portfolio Document Contributions
  What is an Explanatory Caption?
  Portfolio Assessment
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