A professional teaching portfolio, as developed in the teacher education program at UT Martin, should consist of a set of documents that are genuine pieces of evidence and accurately reflect the teacher candidate's knowledge, skills, and application, reflective practice, and professional and ethical behavior as it relates to the art of teaching. According to Evans (1995), a professional portfolio represents who you are, where you want to go, and how you plan on getting there (p.11).

The basic development of the portfolio will be created in TCED 301. This will be considered an Entrance Portfolio. This entrance portfolio will be required for the interview process to acquire admission into the teacher education program at UT Martin. The portfolio will contain a title page, table of contents, educational philosophy, resume, professional goals (short-term/long-term), and the main divider pages (conceptual framework).

Following admission to the teacher education program at UT Martin, the teacher candidate's portfolio will continue to provide evidence of growth and progress throughout his/her program. This will be considered a Working Portfolio. There will be checkpoints for the portfolio in specific education courses and the teacher candidate's academic advisor will also monitor the progress of the portfolio. Once the teacher candidate is ready for student teaching, his/her academic advisor will give the final check on the portfolio.

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