Child and Family Studies

If you enjoy working with people--children, adolescents, adults, or families--the Child and Family Studies concentration is for you!


Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

Degree: Family and Consumer Sciences

Concentration: Child and Family Studies

Curriculum Requirements

Four-Year Course Sequence Plan


The Child and Family Studies Concentration offers course work in:

  • child development
  • family relationships
  • parenting
  • programs for young children
  • development and care of children with developmental disabilities
  • adult development and needs of elderly persons.

Students participate in observations of young children and apply their knowledge and skills with young children in the UTM Children's Center. This course of study is an excellent undergraduate foundation for master's degree programs in counseling, human development, psychology, social work, child development and family relationships.

The Child and Family Studies Concentration provides students with flexibility in choices of course work to meet individual career goals. Faculty provide personal and professional advisement for each student and supervise off-campus placement in a career-related setting to facilitate each student's career opportunities.


Child & Family Grant Programs provide services, such as parenting education, disabilities awareness, coordination of support services and services to children with developmental delays.

Career Opportunities


Facilities for teaching and other activities of the academic program include modern classrooms, laboratories and demonstration areas, most located in Gooch Hall. Laboratories are equipped with modern equipment, large work centers, and portable demonstration units to facilitate effective learning.


For more information contact:

Dr. Lisa LeBleu

Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

The University of Tennessee at Martin

330C Gooch Hall

Martin, TN 38238-5045

(731) 881-7116


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