Learn about the properties of fibers and fabric in relation to selection, use and care of apparel and household textiles.


This course involves many exciting lab activities including:

  • testing fabrics for flammability, wrinkability, dye fastness, and durability,
  • tie dyeing and discharge dyeing of t-shirts
  • learning about weaving and practicing off the loom, and
  • learning the names of fabrics.

A sampling of assignments for this course include:

  • Laboratory Testing of Fabrics in Lab
  • Fabric Samples Project (Finding images/pictures of fashions and interior design products suitable for specific fabrics)
  • Group Projects (Selecting fabrics, flooring, etc. for a retail store and a day care center)
  • Exploring new trends and technology in textiles production through internet exploration and research abstract
  • End Use Project (Testing fabric to determine which is more appropriate for a specific clothing or interior design product)

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