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The regulations below are regarding coursework considered by the US Department of Education to be eligible for Title IV aid. Title IV aid consists of Federal Direct Plus, Stafford and Perkins loans, work-study, Pell, TEACH and SEOG grants. This does not apply to state or privately funded scholarships or awards. To see what type of financial aid you have, log in to Banner Self-Service at and go to Financial Aid, Award Information.


Federal Financial Aid is awarded based on a student’s enrollment status as defined by the US Department of Education and will be prorated if the student is taking less than 12 credit hours (full time) a semester. When determining enrollment status (full, three-quarter, half and less than half), the US Department of Education counts only the hours taken that are in the student’s program of study. Previously passed courses may be retaken one time only and still count towards enrollment status. Once you have the minimum required 12 hours to be classified as full-time according to the federal guidelines, you may add any course(s) that would not count towards your enrollment due to repeated attempts to raise your grade for a previously passed course or if the course you would like to take is not in your program of study.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what type of financial aid I have?

View your financial aid information in Banner Self-Service at

How do I know what classes are in my program?

View your CAPP in Banner Self-Service at

Are prerequisite or remedial classes counted in my enrollment for financial aid?

Yes, up to 30 credit hours of prerequisite or remedial courses may be considered as part of your program of study.

My advisor has recommended I take a class that is not in my program of study. Will it be counted?

Yes, if your advisor has recommended you take a particular class in order for you to succeed in your program of study. We are currently working out details of a process that will be in place to handle exceptions.

How many times can I repeat a failed grade?

You are not limited to repeatedly taking a class that you continue to fail; however, in order to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) you must earn 2/3 (67%) of all classes you attempt and maintain a 2.0 GPA. View our SAP Policy at

I made a D in my class, but my major requires a C. How many times can I retake it and it be counted in enrollment for financial aid?

For financial aid purposes, a D is considered passing. You may retake it one time and it be counted in your enrollment.

My course is required for my program, but it isn’t counting in my enrollment hours. What can I do?

Contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at 731-881-7040.

I only need 3 hours to graduate and there is nothing in my program of study left to take. What can I do?

Unfortunately, we can only award your financial aid for the 3 hours you need. You will need to make other arrangements to pay for your courses if you do not have enough financial aid to cover it. Remember—you must be enrolled for a minimum of 6 credit hours in your program of study to qualify for Federal Direct Stafford or Plus loans.

I must be enrolled full time for my scholarship, but I don’t have 12 credit hours in my program that are available for me to take this semester.

Scholarships are not considered federal aid. All of the hours you are registered for will be counted in your enrollment for all other purposes. Federal financial aid is the only type of aid that is limited to your program of study.

Can I still repeat the class that financial aid won’t cover if I am registered full time with other courses in my program?

Yes, as long as you are taking a minimum of 12 eligible credit hours in your program of study you will be considered full time for financial aid purposes.

What if I retake a class that I previously passed and withdraw from that class? Is that still counted as my retake?

If you officially withdraw from the class before completing it, then it is not counted as your one retake. Please make note of the Academic Calendar found at for the last date to withdraw from classes.

I retook a course a previously passed, and I failed it the second time. Can that course count in my enrollment again?

No. Retaking a previously passed course and failing it, still counts as your one retake.

Federal School Code

Our Title IV federal school code is 003531.

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