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Jenifer Hart, Clinical Coordinator

Students of Concern Team

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George Daniel, Committee Chair

Students of Concern Team


Do You Know Someone Who Needs Help?

The Mission of the Students of Concern Team is to identify, assess, and monitor students displaying moderately & severely distressful, and/or disruptive behavior, and to implement early intervention strategies that protect the welfare of the student and the UTM community.


Do You Know Someone Who Has:

  • behaved in an aggressive or out-of-control way?
  • stopped talking or started spending a lot of time alone?
  • started drinking more or using drugs to deal with feelings?
  • talked about killing himself or herself, or someone else?
  • been uncharacteristically inattentive or unresponsive?
  • had significant behavior or mood changes?


Do you Feel:

  • uncomfortable or uneasy around the person?
  • afraid for the person?
  • scared of the person?
  • worried something may happen?
  • afraid for the safety of others?


Who Can Help?

If a Student's Behavior represents a threat to harm self or others call 911. If the threat is NOT Immediate, but you are concerned about a student, share your concern by submitting a Hawk Alert.


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Get Help!



Submit a Hawk Alert

Submit a Hawk Alert