Moving to the UTM Domain

Your account has been moved to the UTM domain, there are now a few simple steps you will need to complete to finish the process. If you run into any problems anywhere during the process, please call the HelpDesk at 881-7900 for assistance


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Adjusting the domain on a PC

Go to System Properties. You can do this by click the Start Button, then right-click Computer and choose Properties


System Properties


In the resulting dialog box, click the Change settings link.


Change Settings


On the next dialog box, click the Change ... button


Change ...


In the next dialog, find the Domain box and change it to


Domain domain


Since your account has been moved, you are no longer logged in with the correct credentials. Therefore you will need give this the correct ones in the dialog that will pop up, then click OK


Click OK


Once it joins, you will get a message of success, click OK


Welcome Box


Click OK on the next dialog




Click Close




Click the Restart Now button to restart the machine.


Restart Now


Adjusting the Network on an iOS device

Open Settings and click on Wi-Fi. In the right pane, click on the network to open it's properties


Settings -> Wi-Fi


When the properties open, click Forget this Network


Forget this Network


On the confirmation dialog, click Forget




Now that the network is gone, you need to add it back. Click < Wi-Fi in the right pane


< Wi-Fi


In the right pane, click on the network you want to join


Join Network


This wil prompt you for the login information. Enter the correct information and click Join


Click Join


Click Accept on the network certificate


Network Certificate


You should now see a blue check beside the network - you are once again joined




Adjusting the email on an iOS device

Under Settings, click on Mail, Contacts, Calendars in the left pane. In the right pane, click Add Account


Add Account


In the right pane, click Delete Account


Delete Account


Now you need to add the account back. In the left pane, click Add Account


New Account


Choose Exchange




Fill in these three boxes correctly, then click Next


Fill Boxes


Once it authenticates correctly, click Save. Open Mail and your account should be back and authenticating - it may to a bit to synch everything




Adjusting email on a Mac

With Mail closed, open System Preferences and click on Internet Accounts


Internet Accounts


In the left pane, click on your UTM account, then click the delete button (the minus sign) at the bottom of the window


Delete Account


Click the Remove From All button


Remove From All


Now add the account back. Just click the add button (the plus sign) at the bottom of the window.


Add Account


Choose Exchange in the right pane




Fill out these three boxes and click Continue




Verify that the information looks correct, then click Continue




To finish, click Done. Open Mail and your account should be back and authenticating - it may to a bit to synch everything





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