The Practicum

Most students will complete a 2 hour practicum. The practicum is an opportunity to obtain observational experience in the students' field of choice. This is a great time for the student to talk to his or her supervisor and discuss a future career. The student also spends time observing many aspects of the career so to get a better idea of what will be expected of them in the future.

The practicum is completed in one semester and usually during the 2nd semester of the Junior year or 1st semester of the Senior year. The experience requires a total of 45 hours of observation to be completed over no less than 10 weeks (~ 4-5 hours per week). During this time the student will also meet in a class setting and begin the development of a professional portfolio. By the end of the practicum experience the student will have a well developed portfolio. This portfolio will be further developed during the internship experience.


The Internship

The internship is an opportunity to obtain hands-on experience in the students' field of choice. This is a time for the student to experience client and patient interactions under the direct supervision of an onsite supervisor. It is the intension of the the internship to allow the student to participate in the care of a patient or the assessment of a new client. This is the perfect opportunity for the student to apply the knowledge and skills they have learned over the years at the University of Tennessee at Martin.

During this time the student will complete the professional portfolio they began during his or her practicum. By the end of the internship each student will have a well developed portfolio that includes a resume, professional goals, professional philosophy, and evidence supporting the knowledge and skills developed through the completion of the degree.

During the Internship experience the student will complete the Health and Human Performance Comprehensive Exit Exam. See the details below (on this same page) for details regarding the exit exam.


How to Enroll in the Practicum and Internship

The Practicum and Internship classes are always CLOSED. There is a process that must be completed in order to be enrolled in the class. Each student must print off the Practicum/Internship Application form and complete it with the assistance of his or her advisor. It is the advisors responsibility to check the student's progress towards degree completion at this time. Students may not take any other coursework with the internship. All Health and Human Performance coursework must be complete before applying for the internship. Students may take other courses with the practicum.

At this time the student is to discuss with his or her advisor potential practicum/internship sites and opportunities. There is a folder kept in the main Health and Human Performance office that lists all the most recent sites used. This is a great resource for finding practicum or internship opportunities.

The student is to then contact the potential practicum/internship site and discuss the possibility of obtaining his or her experience at that site. There are educational expectations associated with each experience. It is up to the student to provide the site with a list of those expectations so that they can be met during the experience. Once a site has been established, then the student must have the site supervisor complete a portion of the application.

The educational expectations are outlined on the Supervisor Agreement. The supervisor is to identify the activities that will be made available to the student during his or her practicum/internship experience. Finding a meaningful practicum/internship site takes time the student is encouraged to start early with this task.



*Some facilities require an affiliation agreement. This can take several weeks to complete. If this is necessary, the student will need to contact the Health and Human Performance office.

Once the Application Form and Supervisor Agreement are completed they are taken to the Health and Human Performance office. The student must then pay for his or her liability insurance. The current cost is $34.00 per year (June 1 to May 31). No student will be allowed at a practicum or internship site without liability insurance. Once the paperwork is complete and the insurance has been paid for, then the office secretary will assist the student in adding the practicum or internship class.

General Requirements for a Bachelor's Degree

(as defined in the university catalog)

Curricular Requirements and Senior Testing

Take the ETS Proficiency Profile (General Education exam) and a test in the student's major field. In order for the university to assess and improve its academic programs, periodic measurements of students' intellectual growth must be obtained. As a requirement for graduation, therefore, every senior shall take a test which measures general education knowledge and skills and a test which measures achievement in his/her major field of study. Departmental faculties will identify the appropriate evaluation instrument for tests in the major field and may require minimum performance levels; otherwise, the evaluative information obtained through the testing is used solely to improve the quality of the educational experience for future generations of students.

The Department of Health and Human Performance Majors Field Test (Exit Exam) is a comprehensive exam that is derived from the Health and Human Performance core curriculum. Click here for more detailed information.

Click here for directions to remove holds associated with these tests.