Dr. Alice-Catherine Carls

Dr. Carls

Tom Elam Distinguished Professor of History


Doctorat de Troisième Cycle in History of International Relations, Université de Paris I - Sorbonne (1976)
M.A. in German Studies, Université de Paris IV - Sorbonne (1972)
B.A. in Polish Studies, Université de Paris IV - Sorbonne (1973)
2nd Year, Institut Libre d’Etudes des Relations Internationales Contemporaines (1973)


Areas of Specialization & Research
German Language, Literature, History, and Civilization
Polish Language, Literature, History, and Civilization
International Relations
20th Century European Diplomatic History
Translation (Polish to French; English to French; French to English)


Philosophy of Teaching

Education breaks down socio-economic, gender, racial, ethnic, and religious barriers. It protects democracy by shaping students into leaders and citizens with a life-long commitment to tolerance, respect, fairness, work ethics, and intellectual curiosity. Technology helps educators return to a classical educational model by enabling personalized instruction.


History offers a virtual travel into human tragedies and triumphs, an insight into human accomplishments as well as the impact of forces beyond human control. History opens our eyes to cultural diversity in a global world and teaches tolerance and respect. History helps self-discovery through the search for truth.


To help students make the most effective choices for their career in History, I have prepared a guide to undergraduate and graduate life, and beyond, Preparing Your Future in History. This guide has seen many revisions since its first edition in 1987, and I am delighted to have secured for this first E-edition the collaboration of two of my colleagues, Dr. Tim Smith and Dr. Jack Lorenzini.


Cooperative Faculty/Student Projects

West Tennessee in the World Wars


Courses Taught

World Civilizations
History and Historians & Senior Seminar
20th Century Europe
Russia 1552 - Present
The 21st Century World
The Holocaust (with Travel Study in the U.S. and in Europe)
The Cold War Through the Eyes of James Bond


Professional Appointments

Tennessee Great War Commission (Tennessee, 2014-2018)
Editorial Board, Recours au Poéme (France, Since 2014)
Editorial Board, Archiwum Emigracji (Poland, Since 2011)
Jury Member, Cénacle Européen de Poésie, Arts et Lettres (France, Since 2010)
Editorial Board, World History Connected (Chicago, IL, Since 2009)
Executive Council, European History Section, Southern Historical Association (Since 2002)
Editorial Board and European Correspondent, Center for Public Justice (Washington, D.C., Since 1981)



2011 Enno E. Kraehe Distinguished Service Award, European History Section, Southern Historical Association
2009 Prix Horace from the Cénacle Européen des Arts et des Lettres (Paris, France) for the translation of Charles Wright’s Appalachia]
2002 Cunningham Outstanding Teacher-Scholar Award, The University of Tennessee at Martin
1999 International Scholar, The University of Tennessee at Martin
1999 Featured Scholar, School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tennessee at Martin


Selected Publications



Europe from War to War, 1914-1945 (Forthcoming, Routledge)


“The European Union at a Crossroads?” Capital Commentary (October 27, 2014). And “The New Silk Roads and Beyond: Reshaping World Energy Routes.” A three-part series in Capital Commentary, January-March 2014). Part One: “Reshaping the World Economic Geography.” Part Two: “Integration, Security, and Regional Development.” Part Three: “Integrated Global Energy and Trade Routes; Security or Insecurity.” http://www.capitalcommentary.org


“Central Asia: The New Silk Road's Gordian Knot?” World History Connected, Vol. 6, #1, April 2009. http://worldhistoryconnected.press.illinois.edu/6.1/carls.html


La Ville Libre de Dantzig en crise ouverte, 24.10.1938-1.9.1939--Politique et diplomatie (Warsaw, Poland: Ossolineum, 1982).


Cultural Essays

“Par la porte dérobée: La poésie polonaise en français. Panorama.” Archiwum Emigracji, Torun, Poland, No. (1) 18, 2013, pp. 28-34.


“Perpetuum Mobile: The Literary Travels of Claude Michel Cluny.” World Literature Today (May-August 2005, 55-58). http://www.amazon.fr/gp/offer-listing/2353280366/sr=1-7/qid=1252641988/ref=olp_tab_new


“Maria Mailat: From ‘The Other Europe’ to the New Europe.” World Literature Today, January-April 2005, 50-54. http://www.amazon.fr/gp/offer-listing/2353280366/sr=1-7/qid=1252641988/ref=olp_tab_new



Gerald Vizenor. Le Livre des Quatre Saisons. Twenty haikus translated with the participation of Françoise Hàn. Illustrations by Pierre Cayol. (Nimes, France: Ailleurs Editions, April 2015)


Christopher Okemwa. Purgatorius Ignis (Recours au Poème Edition, 2015). http://www.recoursaupoemeediteurs.com/ailleurs/purgatorius-ignis


Joanna Pollakówna. Avare clarté. Preface by Jan Zieliński. (Paris: Editinter, 2014).


Aleksander Wat. Les quatre murs de ma souffrance (Paris, France: Editions de La Différence, 2013).


Charles Wright. Les Appalaches (Paris, France: Editinter, 2009).


Anna Frajlich. Le vent, à nouveau me cherche (Paris, France: Editinter, 2003, 2012).


Stephen D. Carls. Louis Loucheur: Ingénieur, homme d’Etat, modernisateur de la France, 1872-1931 (Lille, France: Septentrion, 1999).


Józef Wittlin. Le Sel de la terre (Paris, France: Noir sur Blanc, 1999).


Józef Rostocki. Echapper à ma tombe (Paris, France: Editinter, 1995).


Jan Kochanowski. La Vie qu'il faut choisir (Paris, France: La Différence, 1992).


Wladyslaw Grzedzielski. Le cavalier polonais. (Paris, France: Actes-Sud, 1991).

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