Seminar Program

The Honors Seminar Program, founded in 1984, brings together students and academic speakers (scholars, leaders, or artists) in small group discussion sessions to examine various issues and ideas. Students also complete the Honors Core Curriculum (see link for more detailed information). Honors Seminar students may participate in a student organization featuring academic, social, and service activities - the Society for Honors Seminar Students. Students are selected primarily during their senior year in high school, although students transferring to UTM are also considered. Students selected for the Honors Seminar Program receive a Chancellor's Award for four years contingent upon satisfactory academic performance and completion of Honors Program requirements. Students who receive the Dean's Scholarship may also participate in Honors Seminar if they so desire. Approximately 250 students are presently active in the program.



What You Get:


  • Chancellor's Award scholarship.
  • Opportunities to expand your horizons and challenge yourself academically
  • A chance to interact with faculty and other highly motivated students across campus
  • An opportunity to meet and learn from leaders in the academic, scientific, and political world community in a small group setting
  • Seal on diploma, and resume enhancement


What You Give:


  • Complete the Honors Core Curriculum.
  • Attend a number of guest academic speaker presentations per year.
  • Participate in small group activities with at least one speaker a year.


For more detailed requirements and the process to enter the Honors Seminar Program, refer to the Prospective Honors Students page.


Scholarships & Entrance Requirements

Chancellor's Award

Students entering UT-Martin with a minimum ACT composite score of 28 and a 3.5 or higher GPA are guaranteed to receive the Chancellor's Award of $3000 per year for four years. The student must maintain a 3.20 GPA at the end of every academic year, and must qualify as a full-time student by taking at least 12 credit hours of courses per semester. The student must enroll in an Honors Seminar course each semester and complete the Honors Core Curriculum over the four years.


Dean's Scholarship

The Dean's Scholarship is not an Honors scholarship, but its recipients have the option of participating in the Honors Seminar Program. The Dean's Scholarship is awarded to students with an ACT composite score of 25-27 and GPA of 3.5 or higher. Dean's Scholarship recipients are awarded a scholarship package of $1500 per year for four years. To maintain scholarship eligibility, the student must maintain a 3.0 GPA at the end of every academic year.


Dean's Scholarship recipients who choose to participate in the Honors Seminar Program will complete the same academic requirements as Chancellor's Award recipients and be allowed to participate in all Honors-specific courses and functions.

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