The University of Tennessee at Martin understands that comfortable, wholesome, and pleasant living conditions have a marked influence on a student's scholastic habits, attitudes, and ideals, and it considers adequate housing of married students as part of its total educational plan. UT Martin now has two apartment housing complexes with a total of 256 apartments.


The apartments are designed so those students with families may enjoy maximum freedom to lead their own personal lives while seeking higher education. The University attempts to make apartment living satisfying and pleasant to each student as well as to the entire community. In consideration of others, there are NO pets allowed in University Courts and Grove Apartments. These goals can be met through cooperation from all residents.


For students seeking an apartment in University Courts or Grove, the University Courts and Grove Application is available for download as an Adobe Acrobat pdf document. There is a $150 deposit. Fifty dollars ($50) is due with the application, and the remaining $100 is due at the time the lease is signed.

Apartment Rental Agreement


If you are a current resident of University Courts or Grove, click here to choose your lease option for the 2014-2015 year.


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Grove Exterior

Campus Map: #14 Grove Apartments

Grove Apartments consists of five brick veneer units located at the northeast entrance of the University. Each apartment has a kitchen, living area, and bathroom.


Grove Proposed Rates:


(48) two-bedroom apartments $470 per month

(40) one-bedroom apartments $435 per month


Note: The above are proposed rates for 2013-2014. Rates are subject to change.


Building Layouts:

University Courts Exterior

Campus Map: #43 University Courts Apartments


The University Courts, located at the southwest entrance to the University, are grouped into two complexes.


University Courts Proposed Rates:


Tiled one-bedroom apartments $440 a month

Carpeted one-bedroom apartments $465 a month


Tiled two-bedroom apartments $475 a month

Carpeted two-bedroom apartments $495 a month


Tiled three-bedroom apartments $565 a month.

Carpeted three-bedroom apartments $590 a month


Note: The above are rates for 2014-2015. Rates are subject to change.


Building Layouts:

Welcome Message

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The Office of Housing has a rolling deadline for housing applications. Applications can be taken up to the day the residence halls open.

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Need somewhere to stay over the summer?

Apply for summer housing in Cooper Hall:
$890 for full summer or $1,330 for a private room
$445 for one session or $665 for a private room
$305 for Maymester only or $445 for a private room

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