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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for housing on campus?

There is a $150 deposit that is due upon completion of the application.  The application fee is refundable if notification of cancellation is received by June 1, 2015.  The University reserves the right to refuse any application for accommodations or to cancel any agreements or leases in the residential facilities.  You can apply here:


How do you determine where I get assigned in Housing?

All students will have the opportunity to sign up for their same room back, roommate requests, etc. by January 31, 2012. All applications to the Office of Housing are given priority based upon application date. In applying for housing, students may request a particular type of housing and make roommate requests. Private and corner rooms may also be requested. Every effort will be made to accommodate such requests. However, because space is limited, no guarantees can be made. Priorities go to those students who apply the earliest. Roommate and suite mate requests will be granted when possible, provided the application and deposits are made at the same time and if each applicant requests in writing his/her desired roommate. Reminder: University Village (F-H) is a freshmen preference building and priority will be given to freshman based on application date.

Do I have to live on campus?

The University requires all single freshmen with less than 24 hours of credit, except those living with their parents within a 50-mile radius of campus, to live on campus in the residence halls or University Village.  If the student is a freshman with fewer than 24 credit hours he or she must have an exemption form on file in the Housing Office which can be completed on our website.

Those that have 24 hours completed and a GPA of 2.0 are no longer required to live on campus.  Students over 21 years of age, veterans of military service, or students with extreme health problems as verified by medical records may be exempt from this requirement.  Contact the Office of Housing at 731-881-7737 for additional information.


Can I get out of my contract or lease?

No resident may withdraw from housing except in the case of extreme necessity and approved by the Director of Housing. Cancellation of registration or academic suspension does not automatically release the resident from the contract.

Students in Browning, Ellington and Cooper Hall may be eligible to buy out their contract.  All requests for buyouts must be submitted no later than December 1 by completing the Housing Exemption Form on the housing website.  University Village residents are bound by their lease.  Please refer to your lease for rules and stipulations.

Residents must also complete an official room checkout with a member of the housing staff before leaving. Be aware that if you do not follow the above steps for checkout, you will be assessed charges in addition to rent.


What happens if I don’t have a roommate and haven’t paid for a private room?

Housing reserves the right to make any changes in the accommodations it deems proper or necessary. All rooms are to be occupied by the maximum allowable number of residents. In case one of the roommates moves, the resident(s) who remain agrees to accept an assigned roommate(s) or to move to another room upon request. When available, a resident may request a double room to be occupied privately at a higher rate.


Once I move in, can I change rooms?

The University expects students to continue residency in the room to which they are assigned. However, we realize that changes are sometimes mutually beneficial. Through regularly scheduled procedures, room changes may be made by contacting your Hall Director.  We will also hold a moving period during the first week of each semester where you can meet with your Hall Director to check for available room options.


When can I have guests in my room?

Residents may have overnight guests of the same sex only if prior arrangements have been made with roommates. Overnight guests must be registered at the front desk for your complex and approved by the Hall Director. Approved overnight guests are limited to three days in a one week period.

Visitation options are listed below:

Type I Visitation - Rooms are available to all single students by request and include no visitation of the opposite sex and is only available in Ellington Hall.

Type II Visitation - Visitation of the opposite sex allowed noon-midnight on Sunday-Thursday and noon-2am on Friday and Saturday.  This type of visitation is available in Ellington, Browning, and Cooper Hall.

Type III Visitation- Designated for University Village A-E and F-H only.  Visitation is at the resident’s discretion. Cohabitation is NOT permitted.  Residents need to be mindful and respectful of their roommates.  Visitation issues occurring in University Village A-E / F-H will be handled by the staff accordingly.


Can I have an overnight guest?

Residents may have overnight guests, of the same sex only, provided that they obtain the permission from the roommates and Hall Director at least one day in advance of the visit. Guests are subject to all of the University guidelines and are not allowed to stay more than 3 days within a one week period. Hosts are responsible for guest behavior, and guests must be escorted at all times by their host.  To request permission for an overnight guest, complete this online form:


What do I do if I am having a roommate conflict?

If you and your roommate(s) are not able to compromise and resolve the situation, ask the RA assigned to your floor or building to intervene by meeting with all involved roommates.  The RA’s role is that of a neutral mediator.  If the problems persist, you may need to meet with the Hall Director for continued mediation.  If problems are not resolvable after the above steps have been taken, all residents involved will be given new room assignments.

The Office of Housing or Assistant Director of Housing may intervene in a conflict if roommates have been unable to resolve a conflict at other levels.


How do I become a Resident Assistant?

Make sure you meet the below eligibility requirements:

  • Minimum 2.3 cumulative GPA
  • Must be at least a 2nd semester freshman
  • Clean student disciplinary record
  • Ability to pass a criminal and sex offender background check
  • Freedom from other job responsibilities including student teaching
  • Completed application with three completed reference forms

You can apply for the spring 2015 Resident Assistant positions here:


What do I do if I have lost my room keys?

Residents are issued keys to their apartment/bedroom. Misuse of keys, such as loss or lending to others, jeopardizes safety and may be grounds for disciplinary action. Loss of a key or damaged keys should be reported to the Hall Director. If keys are lost, the locks will be changed at the resident’s expense. The cost of replacing these are:  room key (Browning, Ellington and Cooper Hall) $10.00, mail key $3.00, Cooper suite doors, University Village and floor doors keys are $50.00.


How do I check out of my room?

When you move out of your room, you are required to "check-out." This means that you must remove all belongings from your room and bathroom, clean your room, and dispose of all trash. After this has been done, contact the front desk and a staff member will come to your room or apartment. The staff member will ensure that all belongings are removed and record any damages. At this time, you will receive a copy of the checkout form and turn in your keys to the staff member. If there are any damages done to your room, you will be charged accordingly. Residents of University Village A-E and F-H MUST schedule an appointment with their Hall Director or Community Leader to get checked out.

What do I do if I get locked out of my room?

When students are locked out of their room, they should contact their assigned front desk in order to reach the RA on duty or a Housing staff member who will let them back into their room. More than three lockouts in a semester will result in disciplinary action.


What do I do if I have lost my Skyhawk Card?

Temporary ID Cards may be issued if a resident has lost their Skyhawk card and plans on getting it replaced at the Skyhawk Card Office within 72 hours. Residents will need to contact their Hall Director to issue them a Temporary ID. If the resident fails to return the Temporary ID then the card will be replaced at the resident’s expense.

Temporary ID Cards may be issued if a resident has lost their Skyhawk card and plans on getting it replaced at the Skyhawk Card Office within 72 hours. Residents will need to contact their Hall Director to issue them a Temporary ID. If the resident fails to return the Temporary ID then the card will be replaced at the resident’s expense.
If something in a resident’s room, apartment, or complex community is not working properly, then the resident may complete a work order online at by clicking on “Online Work Requests” on the left main links.   A work order provides important information about a repair that is requested and the date that the request was made. Every attempt will be made to complete repairs in a prompt manner.

Work orders are distributed to the maintenance staff every weekday morning and repairs are completed with priority going to more pressing repairs. Emergency situations, regardless of the date they are filed, will be handled first. Routine repairs will follow emergencies in the order that the work order was filed and according to the availability of materials. Service repair persons with legitimate work orders for an area are allowed access to that area. If the occupant is not in, the maintenance worker will enter for the stated purpose only and the privacy of the resident will be respected.

Once the work orders have been completed, the residents will receive an email notifying them of its completion.  If the work order was not completed to your satisfaction please let us know.

If you have an immediate repair item need such as lack of electricity, pipe leaking, HVAC leak, plumbing problem, etc. that cannot wait until the next day, please contact your front desk so we can determine if you need an emergency call back repair.


Can I leave my items in my room during winter break?

Residents are able to leave belongings in their rooms during the holiday break if they are returning in the spring, but UTM will not claim responsibility for these items. Campus security will continue to be on duty during the break. For security reasons, please remember to close and lock windows, lower blinds, and lock all doors.


How can I hang decorations on my wall?

When hanging decorations on your walls, doors, or other surfaces remember to use only reusable, non-adhesive putty and small finishing nails. Glue, large nails, screws, duct tape, carpet tape, or double-sided tape will damage surfaces and you will be responsible for repair costs. Stickers, wallpaper, or adhesive-backed shelf paper cannot be affixed to any University property for the same reasons. Nothing should be hung on or around sprinkler system heads or windows.  Residents are responsible for damages incurred by hanging items in their room or apartment that do not meet these standards.


Can I decorate my door?

When decorating your room door, you are not allowed to cover the room number or peepholes. Decorations should allow residents access to the locking mechanism and doorknob. Exterior doors are public spaces and if decorations do not comply with Housing policy they may be removed at the discretion of the University.


Who do I call if I live in the halls and need assistance?

Browning, Ellington and Cooper Hall operate desks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You can contact the desks to get telephone numbers, leave messages for residents, request assistance from your RA or HD, if you are locked out, need to report a concern, etc. Residents who are members of the Residence Hall Association (RHA) can check out cooking utensils, board games, athletic equipment, and much more at the desk by presenting their RHA card. 

University Village Phase I residents who need assistance are asked to contact the Cooper Hall front desk at 8900 or 8901.  University Village Phase II residents are asked to call the Ellington Hall front desk at 8930 or 8931.


I’m having problems with my internet connection, who do I call?

Internet service is also available in each room through Ethernet data connection or Wi-Fi.  Internet access is free for residents on campus. Gaming consoles and TiVo DVR’s can also be used with the service as long as they are registered with the network online. For questions concerning Internet access contact the Help Desk at 731-881-7900.


What is the Residence Hall Association (RHA)?

RHA is the governing body for all students living in the residence halls. The purpose of RHA is to foster a sense of community between the complexes by planning social and educational programs and to serve as a link between the residence hall students and administration.


How do I check into my room?

When checking into a room you will be given a key(s), agreements, and room inspection forms. This room inspection form is very important when charges are assessed at the end of the year. You are agreeing to the condition of the room, it is your responsibility to maintain the current condition. Please inspect your room carefully, list any discrepancies on your copy, and return all forms to your RA. Any new damages not on the room inspection form may be billed to you and your roommate(s).


How do I check out of my room?

Housing expects all students to leave within 24 hours of their last exam. However, all students must be checked out before the building closes after commencement.  Students moving into a summer campus housing assignment may be consolidated until their summer assignment is available.

When vacating your room, all residents must complete an official checkout with a member of the housing staff or complete the express check out envelope. Before a resident can be checked out of his/her room, it should be clean and all personal belongings removed. During a checkout, the condition of the room is evaluated and noted on the room inspection forms. The resident is given the opportunity to review and comment on this evaluation before being asked to sign it unless you opt for the express check out option. A final walk through of the apartment is done by the Hall Director after all residents have checked out. Damage charges will be assessed at this time (Note: The RA cannot make verbal guarantees of an absence of charges).


What happens if I damage property in my room?

Residents are responsible for the condition and care of the accommodations to which they are assigned and shall reimburse the University for damages to the room. Charges for damages and cleaning will be assessed to the student and should be paid promptly.


What will I be charged for after I check out?

After a checkout, each room inspection form is reviewed. If deficiencies or damages are evident, the resident may be assessed a fee for replacements, cleaning, or repairs. Students will also incur fees for failing to return their keys or to complete an official checkout. These fees will be placed on the student’s university account and should be paid in a timely fashion.


Is alcohol allowed on campus?

UTM is a DRY campus. “Use, possession, or being under the influence of alcoholic beverages on University-owned property” is forbidden.


Can I have a pet on campus?

The only pets allowed in residence halls or apartments are fish, which can be contained in an aquarium of ten gallons or less. Cleaning and damage fees will be assessed for the presence of other animals.

What do I do with my bike if I bring it on campus?

Students are encouraged to use the bicycle racks provided for the students’ convenience located near each residence hall. When keeping a bike in one of these racks, the student should always keep it securely locked. Bicycles may be stored in apartments but may not be hung from the ceiling, walls, or elsewhere. Storage of bicycles in hallways, stairwells, and balconies is not permitted. Any bicycle stored or chained in an unauthorized area inside or outside the halls will be removed. In addition, bicycles must never block or interfere with an exit or obstruct flow of traffic. At no time are motorbikes permitted anywhere inside the residence halls.


Where do I take my trash out to?

As a resident, it is your responsibility to place garbage in the trash dumpsters located in each complex. Garbage may not be kept in the hallways, stairwells, or balconies. Please help us keep clean and well maintained facilities. Residents and visitors to the communities are asked to keep hallways, public areas, stairwells, and landscaping free of trash and cigarette butts. Any type of trash left outside of living areas (in hallways, outside of front doors, in stairwells, etc.) will incur charges.



When can staff come in my room?

Entry by university authorities into occupied rooms of residence halls is divided into three categories: inspection, search, and emergency.

1. Inspection is defined as the entry into an occupied room or apartment by university authorities in order to ascertain the health and safety conditions in the area, to check the physical condition of the area, to make repairs on the facility, or to clean an area.

2. Search is defined as the entry into a room or apartment by on-campus authorities for the purpose of investigating suspected violations of campus regulations and city, state, or federal law. University officials shall have, if possible, the Hall Director accompany them on a search.

3. An emergency situation exists when a delay necessary to obtain search authorization constitutes a danger to persons or property.


What do I do if there is a tornado warning?

In the event of a tornado warning, residents of Cooper, Ellington and Browning Halls need to seek shelter in the basements of the residence hall.  University Village residents should seek shelter on the first floor in an interior walled section of an apartment or hallway.  If you do not have time please go to your bathroom and stay away from all windows.  Prior to an issued warning you may seek shelter in the basements of Cooper, Ellington, or Browning Hall.


What can I put on my University Village balcony?

Residents are welcome to place small plant containers and outdoor patio furniture on the balcony and porch areas, so long as the items do not impede ability to safely exit the apartment building. A clearance should be maintained from doors, breezeways, and stairs. Balconies and porches are not to be used as storage areas or for entrance or exit from the apartment unit.

Due to safety regulations, the following items are not permitted on balconies and porches:

Indoor furniture
Bicycles, scooters, or mopeds
Flammable liquids
Grills or grilling accessories, such as lighter fluid, charcoal, propane
Any other item deemed a hazard by your Hall Director



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