Resident Assistants and Professional Hall Staff

Ellington Hall

HD Michael Freeman   8934 AHD Autumn Wilkins   8974
E1 Lauren Smith   8955 E137 Kodi Rollins   8297
E2 Leanna Newman   8956 E237 Kimberly Meacham   8341
E3 Jana Vestal   8957 E337 Kristen Reed   8385
F1 Tiffany Buyers   8958 F137 Susie Grey   8429
F2 Dimitric Brown   8959 F237 Olawale Akinbobola   8473
F3 Cody Austin   8982 F337 William Ellis   8517
Charrity Curry Devin Earhart
Nikki Roberson  

Browning Hall

HD Toya White   8932 AHD Cody Sirk   8933
G1 Lacey Wilkerson   8961 G137 Desiree Douglas   8561
G2 Jamie Gantt   8962 G237 Marilyn Mendoza   8605
G3 Jamie Shelby   8963 G337 Erica Burton   8649
H1 Joseph Zitnyar   8964 H137 Caleb Williams   8693
H2 Mario Ross   8965 H237 Jacob Everett   8737
H3 Charlie Reed   8966 H337 James Von Dollen   8781
Samantha Wheatley Tony Hudson
Katie Jarvis  

Cooper Hall

AHD Alex Wilson   1219 AHD Ginny Roper   1220
1RA Jonathan Fisher   1033  
2RA Sean Palfy   1081 2D3 Jacob Maness   1062
3RA Heather Vacovsky   1841 3D3 Kelsey Gregory   1822
4RA Shanice Williams   1896  
Rebecca Partridge Tawly Richardson
Jesica Campbell Justin Monroe

University Village Phase I

CL Lindee McCurley  
A108A Brenda Gutman   1234 D104A DeAria Shields   1314
B108A Jordan Sims   1270 E104A Ben Allen   1326
A111D Darlene Bratcher  

University Village Phase II

HD Anthony Prewitt   8166  
F208C Demeshia Shannon   8126 G308C Erin Osborne   8183
F408C Justin Bailey   8144 G408C Omodolopo Olfinsua   8201
G108C Gabriel Arroyo   8153 H208C Ashley Webb   8226
G208C Tim Engeman   8165 H408C Brooke Hall   8244

Courts and Grove

Manager: Dustin Fowler  
UCC3 Stephanie Brookes   1462 GVD2 Gaven Hollandsworth   1649

Welcome Message

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