Housing Work Request

If you have something in your room or apartment that is in need of repair, please use the online work request form on Banner Self Service. To submit a work request:

  1. Log on to Banner Self Service
  2. Click on the "Personal" Tab
  3. Click "Online Housing Application"
  4. Click text labeled "Click Here to go to RMS Student Web for Housing"
  5. Click "Maintenance Requests"
  6. Enter area and detail information.
  7. Click "Finish" to submit your Maintenance Request.


To help us process your work request in a timely and efficient manner, please be as specific as possible in describing the problem and the location (Apartment / Hall, Room Number) of the problem. If you have turned in a request online, please do not turn in the problem in the repair log at the front desk of your residence hall.


Routine Repairs

Routine repair needs that you experience with your room should be reported via RMS Student Web or to the front desk of your residence hall. If you have submitted your request via RMS Student Web there is no need to make a duplicate request at the front desk. Please note: Requests made using RMS Student Web are monitored Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. A repair person should respond in 48 hours in most situations.


If a repair person does not show up within 48 hours or the repair person fails to fix the problem, you should report the problem via RMS Student Web and report, "This is a repeat request." If the repair still does not get serviced within 48 Hours, call the Housing Facilities Office at x7928. The 48 hour response time is due to the number of repairs being serviced at the time your request has been submitted. The staff responds to each repair as timely as possible.


For work requests related to telephone or internet service, or with problems you may be experiencing with your computer, do not use this form. Please contact the Office of Information Technology Services Help Desk at x7900.


For work requests pertaining to the laundry cards, do not use this form. Please contact the Housing Office at x7737. If you are experiencing a problem with the laundry machines (washer or dryer), please use this form.

Emergency Repairs

Emergency repairs should be reported to the front desk of the residence hall at any time, 24 hours a day. Residents in University Courts and Grove can contact the Housing Facilities Office at x7928 during business hours, or contact the Cooper Hall Front Desk at x8900/8901 after 5PM during the week and on weekends.


A repair person will respond to the emergency as soon as possible.

Examples of Emergency Repairs

  • Fire or Burning Smells
  • If there is a fire or burning smell in your room or apartment, please contact UTM Public Safety IMMEDIATELY at 7777.
  • Overflowing toilet
  • Burst water pipe
  • Severe air conditioner leaks
  • Elevator "stuck" with someone on board

Emergency - Any condition which left unattended may cause bodily injury or property damage; unbearable environmental conditions in any occupied area; loss of electrical, heating/cooling or water/sewage service to a building or a major portion of a building; loss of essential services or equipment in housing unit areas.


Routine - All other requests are classified as routine and will be completed as soon as scheduling constraints and availability of resources will allow.

Welcome Message

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