Tennessee Intensive English Program (TIEP)

Mission Statement

The primary purpose of the Tennessee Intensive English Program is to prepare international students with the language skills and the cultural adjustment needed to succeed in both undergraduate and graduate programs at the university level.  In addition, the program seeks to assist individuals with improvement of their English skills for business or personal needs.

The average size of each ESL class is 12 students with a ratio of one full-time, professionally trained teacher for every 8 students. Thus, close and personal attention to each student is a key element in the success of the IEP and its students. There are more than 200 international students from more than 25 countries on the campus.



Curriculum & Courses

The TIEP offers six levels of instruction with an average of 23 hours of classroom instruction each week. Students are tested to determine what English Language skills they already possess, in listening comprehension, grammar, reading, writing, vocabulary , and speaking so that they can begin their instruction at an appropriately challenging level. Each term lasts approximately 8 weeks. Although mid-term entry is possible, we recommend coming at the beginning of each eight-week term. (See Current Calendar )


Enrichment Courses

In addition to the courses in Listening, Reading, Writing, Grammar, and University Preparation (Academic Skills and Critical Listening ) there are enrichment courses which vary from term to term including: Vocabulary, Current Topics, Global Issues, TOEFL Preparation (Listening, Reading, Writing, or Grammar for TOEFL), GMAT, etc.


American Conversation Partner Program

With the help of TIEP Instructors, students in Levels 4-6 Listening classes are partnering with American students in regular curriculum courses at UT Martin. Both international and American students receive some helpful cross-cultural information to prepare them for participating. Then, the partners meet each other and they continue to meet periodically during the semester. Some students agree to meet together for lunch and others prepare typical meals for each other at home.


Advanced TOEFL Preparation

TIEP offers a complete level of advanced courses with a focus on building skills to improve TOEFL scores. The series of courses is primarily intended for advanced ESL students who have studied in developmental English courses previously yet still need a higher TOEFL score to enter a graduate program. (Graduate programs usually require a score of paper 525/ibt 71 or above.) TOEFL Preparation allows students to take advanced listening, reading, writing, and structure courses which aim at both test-taking strategies and further skill development.


Advanced GMAT Preparation

The GMAT course is a special section offered for students who must take this test as a prerequisite to enter a graduate program in business. It focuses on the English skills of students while using test preparation materials covering the same concepts and questioning style used in the actual test. This course is offered as needed depending on enrollment.

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Airport Pickup Service

Students will be met at the Memphis International Airport (MEM) and escorted to the University by a staff member if students' arrival in Memphis is before 8:00 pm on the date specified in the acceptance letter.

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TIEP Student Handbook

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