Tennessee Intensive English Program (TIEP)

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Martin, TN 38238 USA


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Tennessee Intensive English Program (TIEP)

Mission Statement

The primary purpose of the Tennessee Intensive English Program is to prepare international students with the language skills and cultural adjustment needed to succeed in both undergraduate and graduate programs at the university level. In addition, the program seeks to assist individuals with improvement of their English for business or personal needs.


Our Curriculum

  • The TIEP has six levels of study, and each level is 8 weeks long. There are six sessions per year. The two summer sessions are slightly shorter with longer classes.
  • Students take a test at the beginning of the term and will be placed in a level during orientation. Proficiency Scale (PDF)
  • TIEP students are in class 20-25 hours per week.
  • Classes run throughout the day between 8 am and 4 pm.
  • Late or mid-term entry is possible, but we recommend that students start at the beginning of an 8 week term. See our current calendar.
  • There are four core courses: Grammar, Writing, Listening/Speaking and Reading. Achievement Scale (PDF)
  • Test preparation courses such as TOEFL and GMAT are offered throughout the year. These courses are intended for advanced students who are applying to graduate school.
  • No TOEFL is required for TIEP. Upon successful completion of Level 6, students may enter undergraduate courses with no TOEFL.

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So Much More!

  • All of the TIEP Teachers have advanced degrees in relevant disciplines and keep current in the field.  Most have lived and/or worked overseas and deeply understand cultural adjustment.
  • There are computer labs in Gooch Hall to enhance English language through technology.
  • Students regularly engage with American and other international students in class and on campus through conversation partners and joint events.
  • International Programs hosts many interesting events to have fun and learn about the region. See our Social Activities page.   

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