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How can I get from the Memphis Airport to Martin?

Look at our calendar. We will take you from the airport to Martin on any pick-up date. Pick up is free for new students on pick-up dates.

If you can not arrive on a pick-up date, it may be possible to have a driver pick you up at the airport. There is a charge for pick up on days that are not pick-up dates. It may also be possible to arrange for a student driver through one of the student organizations such as the Korean Student Association (K.S.A.).

Taking a taxi from the Memphis Airport is possible but quite expensive. If you arrive late at night, there is a reasonably priced hotel on site at the airport. Please see Airport Pickup Service/Accommodations.


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How much does the pick up service cost?

The pick-up service is free for all new international Intensive English Program students arriving for the first time who come on the designated pick-up dates. See Airport Pickup Service/Accommodations.



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If I must arrive a day before the pick-up date, where can I stay?

There is a reasonably priced hotel, The Radisson, nearby on the grounds of the Memphis Airport.  If you arrive late at night, you should stay at the hotel. The staff at the airport can show you how to contact or get to the hotel.


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What are the TOEFL requirements for admission?

To enter TIEP: You should be 17 years of age and have financial papers. If you are younger than 17, you must be accompanied by a responsible adult (parent or relative or legal guardian) who will reside with you during your entire stay in the U.S. You do not need a TOEFL score to enter TIEP only.

To enter UT (Undergraduate): 500/61 (paper-based/ibt) TOEFL, 6.0 IELTS, or successful completion of the highest level of TIEP.

To enter UT (Graduate): 525/71 (paper-based/ibt) TOEFL score or 6.5 IELTS.


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How long will I need to study English as a Second Language before I can enter the university?

You can enter the university undergraduate programs when you receive 500/61 points on the (paper-based/ibt) TOEFL. Or, if you have not attained the above score, you must first successfully complete the highest level of the Intensive English Program. It really depends how much English you know before you arrive. You will be tested the first day of orientation. Unfortunately, we can not know which level is appropriate for you until you take the placement test.


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What is the cost


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What is a sponsor letter?

A sponsor letter is a simple letter written by an official at the bank of the person who is going to pay for university studies. This could be you or your sponsor. The letter states the amount of money in the bank currently available for use to pay the cost of the program of study. Again, the letter is written by an official at the bank where you or your sponsor has money on deposit. It may also be called a "bank letter."

Other documents of financial support may include a letter from your financial sponsor affirming his or her support while you are studying in the U.S.


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Can I work?

Students with an F-1 visa are allowed to work on campus (at the university) up to 20 hours per week. It is the responsibility of students who wish to work to find it; the International Programs Office can not do this. Although work on campus can not be guaranteed, many of our students have worked on campus during their stay here. The students who have worked always report that the experience really helped them improved their English language skills. However, students with an F-1 (student visa) are not permitted to work off campus.


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Is financial aid available?

Although the Tennessee Intensive English Program is developing some limited financial assistance programs such as the John Eisterhold Fund and the Charles Gillon Emergency Fund, unfortunately TIEP is not yet able to offer scholarships to international students who wish to study English. Thus, you should seek financial aid from other sources. There are, however, students already enrolled in UT Martin programs who have won awards of scholarships or financial assistance.


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How can I get a visa?

The best way to obtain an F-1 visa is to prepare all of the necessary documents before you go to a U.S. Embassy or Consulate. Call the Embassy first to ask what documents they require you to bring. There is a SEVIS fee of $200, paid before visiting the U.S. Consulate or Embassy. Usually you need to have a valid passport, passport-sized photographs, the I-20 document that we send you after receiving your application with fee/deposit, a letter from your bank which shows financial responsibility, and any documented information which would assist in showing that you are a serious student. After you assemble and organize the necessary documents, go to the Consulate or Embassy to request an F-1 visa.


There have been many confusing and often incorrect reports about the new regulations for getting a visa to study in the U.S. The U.S. embassy continues to issue visas -- student visas as well as visitor visas. For accurate information about visa regulations, visit the web site of the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, or contact a knowledgeable agent or school representative or the U.S. Embassy.


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