Gary Wilson

Gary Wilson


Charles Gary Wilson is Director of International Programs and International Admissions at the University of Tennessee at Martin, which includes the Tennessee Intensive English Program (TIEP), a non-credit English as a Second Language program designed to improve the language skills needed by international students for undergraduate or graduate admission.


Mr. Wilson traveled to the Middle East in the 1970s as an undergraduate student in an early travel study program, to Mexico in 1979 to attend an International Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) conference, and to Japan in 1983 to meet and to test Nihon University students for their arrival in Martin and to meet with Hirosaki University Officials and Faculty to promote and to work on details of an international exchange program for students and faculty signed in 1980. That exchange program is the oldest international exchange program for either university, and it is still in existence and thriving today.


Mr. Wilson began his career of working with international students in 1976, teaching in the then recently established ESL program at UT Martin. In 1978, he became a charter member of TNTESOL, the state affiliate of International TESOL. Mr. Wilson studied Morphology, Phonology, Syntax, and Methods of Teaching ESL at Georgetown University, receiving an ESL Summer Certificate in 1980. He earned a M.S. in Educational Psychology and Counseling from UT Martin in 1985. After almost 25 years of teaching ESL, he became Academic Coordinator of TIEP and Assistant Director of International Programs in 1999. After serving eleven years in that position, he became Director.


Mr. Wilson enjoys seeing international students mature from barely being able to survive in English to accomplish the seemingly impossible goal of graduating from UT Martin. He also enjoys fishing for crappie and playing the guitar.


Mr. Wilson’s objective is to direct the Office of International Programs and International Admissions at the University of Tennessee at Martin in a professional manner to ensure the strength and growth of its core programs, especially the Tennessee Intensive English Program, to ensure the delivery of quality service to international students in the intensive English program, in undergraduate studies, and in graduate studies, and to promote international education and exchange at the University of Tennessee at Martin.


Gooch Hall, room 144A
Phone: 731-881-7353


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