Focus on Faculty

Each semester, the Instructional Technology Center (ITC) recognizes a faculty member for their incorporation of technology in the classroom. Please congratulate Dr. Michael Spaulding, as he is this semester's featured faculty member.


Focus on Faculty


As an Assistant Professor of Education in the Department of Educational Studies, Dr. Michael Spaulding integrates technology into his classes to better prepare and inspire his preservice teacher education students to utilize technology in their own future classrooms. Advocating the importance of technology in the classroom, Dr. Spaulding requires his Technology Integration 311 students to write technology based lesson plans and also introduces students to a variety of other web-based resources that are specific to their individual curriculum areas.


How are you currently using technology in your courses? Please share any significant projects and or activities.

My course is Technology Integration 311. Preservice teachers in my course learn to integrate technology into their future classrooms by writing technology-based lesson plans. They also create a HyperStudio project and use Inspiration software to complete concept maps.


In your view, what are some of the benefits of incorporating current technologies with conventional teaching methods?

As research shows, using technology in your classroom not only decreases discipline issues but if integrated properly in the classroom will help students raise their standardized test scores.


Do you think the use of technology improves your teaching? If so, are students responding positively to the increased use of technology in their classes?

Using technology in my classroom absolutely enhances my teaching. Students are much more engaged and enthusiastic when they see how technology can positively affect their learning. I have had former students call me after getting their first teaching job and ask about various programs or websites we used in our course that they wish to incorporate into their classrooms now. In my own course I conducted a research study in which I administered pre and post surveys to my students in 311 using Dragon online surveys to determine if students were learning the skills needed from my course to meet the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS).


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