Focus on Faculty - Spring 2012

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Craig Ingram, Director

Focus on Faculty - Spring 2012

The Instructional Technology Center picks one faculty member each semester to be our "focus". They are chosen based on their use of technology and how they incorporate that technology into their teaching.


Dr. Sandy Mehlhorn

Assistant Professor of Agricultural Engineering Technology


Dr. Sandy Mehlhorn


As an Assistant Professor of Agricultural Engineering Technology in the Department of Agriculture, Geosciences, & Natural Resources, Dr. Mehlhorn combines an assortment of technology in her online and face-to-face courses. In addition to utilizing Geographical Information System (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) hardware and software, she also incorporates tools into her teaching such as Adobe Presenter, Livescribe Pen, and ECHO 360 Lecture Capture, to further help students grasp core concepts.


1. How are you currently using technology in your courses? Please share any significant projects and or activities.


I use Adobe Presenter with some of my online classes as well as Echo 360, in the classroom and ECHO 360 Personal Capture. I also use the Livescribe Pen to post example problems for most of my courses. That way students can access examples for homework or exams anytime and anywhere they have access to a computer.


2. In your view, what are some of the benefits of incorporating current technologies with conventional teaching methods?


For example, with the Livescribe Pen, those digital learning objects are available to students when I am not. It is a great way to supplement the classroom experience.


3. Do you think the use of technology improves your teaching? If so, are students responding positively to the increased use of technology in their classes?


I have been surveying students for about 5 semesters about their thoughts on the availability of the Livescribe examples and have never gotten a negative response. Also, students like the Adobe Presenter and Echo 360 lectures because they are easy to use and they can listen to them multiple times. As far as improving my teaching, I think it makes me more organized and effective because I need to plan ahead about what to record and the best way to present the material. But it is nice that the technology gives me options on how to present the material.


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