Updating Echo360 PCAP for the MAC

Sign up for your Personal Capture account at the ITC website - http://www.utm.edu/departments/itc/Echo360.php, and choose "Sign up for an Echo360 Personal Capture (PCAP) account."


To download the Personal Capture software, go to the ALP Echo360 site at echo360.org and sign in “Via Institution,” choosing “The University of Tennessee at Martin.”


From the ALP Echo360 site at echo360.org screen, choose the Downloads tab in the dropdown under the gear at right.


Echo 360 Settings menu with 'downloads' circled


Choose the link "Mac Download, v5.5.588818888.”


Save it and Run it: You'll get the Wizard; agree to all, etc.


Any previous versions will be replaced.


In Personal Capture (PCAP), choose Start Recording to select your options for recording. Use the Configure settings to choose your options. Note the speaker can be captured with the webcam. Be sure to check Enabled on the web cam image at bottom right if you have chosen to use the web cam. Start Capture to begin. Note the announcement that recording will begin in a few seconds. You must record at least 15 seconds if trying it out. Note that the primary screen will be recorded (no external screens will be recorded).


Once you have recorded as desired, note that you can do some editing before you publish your recording. When you are ready to Publish, click Publish Recording. Login to Echo360.org with your UTM credentials. A list of the courses that the ITC set up per your requests will appear. You can only publish to one course at a time. Choose the desired course (or your ALP “Personal Library” and "Next.") Continue clicking "Next" - use the default Product Group unless you know you want Audio only. Continue through the steps. The title is the last step. The publishing process cannot be stopped at this point. Processing time will take at least real time.


Documentation is at: http://help.echo360.org/#t=Personal_Capture_Guides%2FPersonal_Capture_Guides.htm%23bc-1&rhtocid=9.0_1


Please call the ITC, 731-881-7877 if you have any questions.

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